Fmoc-beta-alanine formula instructions

Fmoc-beta-alanine product alias: N-fluorenyl methoxycarbonyl-beta-alanine Fmoc-beta-alanine FMOC-beta-Alanine N- (9-Fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl) -beta-alanine CAS: 35737-10-1 MDL: MFCD00063328 EINECS: Fmoc-beta-alanine Beilstein: 2302327 Molecular formula: C18H17NO4 Molecular weight: 311.34 Properties Melting point: 147 ° C Remarks: The above description is for reference only and does not mean that the product you received is completely consistent with this description. Consistent, the factory standard of the product, please refer to the quality standard. Appearance white crystalline powder Infrared spectrometry matches with the reference material Purity ≥99% (GC) Melting point 142 ° C-149 ° C Storage 2-8 ° C Storage Fmoc-beta-alanine

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