Full automatic baler knowledge

Precautions for the use of automatic balers

1. Please confirm the power supply used by the machine, do not insert the wrong power supply. This machine adopts three-phase four-wire system. The flower line is the grounding zero line for leakage protection.
2. Do not pass the head hand through the belt runway during operation.
3. Do not touch the heater directly with your hands.
4. Do not rinse the machine with water. The operator should not work barefoot when the workplace is wet.
5. When the machine is not in use, please rewind the tape inside the storage bin to the reel to avoid deformation during the next use.
6. Don't stick the oil on the surface of roller
7. Remember to unplug the power supply when the machine is not in use.
8. Do not arbitrarily replace the parts on the machine.
9. The main parts should be always lubricated with oil.
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Baler common faults and troubleshooting
   Condition 1:
     With the cassette handling, when the tape is stuck in the middle of the roller or if foreign matter is stuck and cannot be removed, the handling method is as follows:
a. Remove the hex nut washer.
b. Loosen the two M5 countersunk head screws on the center connecting shaft. Since the two screws are fixed on the notch portion of the connecting shaft, the screws must be turned on.
c. Take off the connecting shaft, pick up the upper turbine and remove the jam.
d, according to the above cba way assembly recovery.
e. Pay attention to the gap between the nut and the L-curvature that maintains 0.3-0.5mm clearance
   Condition 2:
The automatic baler does not automatically take out the tape. In this case, first check whether the “outgoing belt length adjustment” is at “0”, and then see if the tape is correctly processed. If not, the foreign matter stuck near the rollers will also cause this. A situation.
   Condition 3:
There is a lot of circumstances that can cause this situation after the tie is not cut.
a. Too tight adjustment
b. There is oil on the slide or skid belt. They are all located near the tightness adjustment. The oil must be removed.
c. The belt is too tight. Lower the belt drive seat downwards or adjust the motor backwards.
d. Use thinner belts or retract the rollers with too much clearance.
   Condition 4:
Poor adhesive effect.
a, the temperature is too high or not enough, sometimes more special tape, poor viscosity, the temperature must be very accurate.
b, the use of voltage is not enough, there are many factory voltage, often insufficient, if you use an extension cable or cable, resulting in pressure drop, so that the original adjustment of the temperature becomes lower, even when the motor burned when tied, so try to avoid using cable If you must use an extension cord, you must use a thicker, not too long, cord.
c. The 635 bearing under the knife is broken, so it is heated and completely unable to bond.
d. The long pull spring on the electric hand (swing rod) is tired, so it is impossible to pull the strange hand to position, resulting in half or even less adhesion.
e, electric steel sheet is too high or too low, or biased to the left, so hit the upper and lower PP belt, or left and right tools, and can not enter the heating, depending on the circumstances to adjust.
f. The exhaust fan's micro-fan failure causes the temperature to be too high.
   Condition 5:
Does not move when inserted.
On the right side of the slide, the LS1 micro-switch failed or the spring was blocked by a foreign object, and the contact could not be touched.
   Condition 6:
continuously working.
a, LS5 fault
b. Although LS1 has not failed, there are stolen objects stuck between the contacts and the shrapnel, or the shrapnel itself is stuck so that the contacts cannot be released after the insertion.
c. When LS5 returns to zero, there is no closed circuit at the contact, so that the power supply will continue to work when it is turned on.
   Condition 7:
Cut off without binding.
a. The machine is loose and tight. Tighten some tightly.
b. Improper positioning of LS3 and LS5.
c, with magnetic induction switch failure.
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