Furniture online shopping where to customize furniture into the mainstream

Buying furniture online has always been a controversial topic. Many people think that small items such as digital products, cosmetics, and clothing are suitable for online shopping. When buying furniture, customers usually need to look at the physical objects and size, and then they will buy them home. However, online shopping is already a trend. For the post-80s and post-90s, it is a habit to “shop online” and buy things easily. Online shopping is becoming more mature and naturally extends to the field of furniture purchase. A number of industry sources said that furniture online shopping is an inevitable trend. At present, in the small furniture online store, Taobao has a large number of dazzling furniture online store business in full swing. In terms of home stores, Haobaiyue has officially launched a hundred-year home e-shopping network in Shenzhen. Red Star Macalline’s “Duodu Mall” began to test the Nanjing market. In terms of furniture brands, Qumei, Shangpin Home, Ximengbao, Yaobang Furniture, etc. have officially launched the enterprise furniture electronic mall. It is an indisputable fact that the furniture industry has begun to compete for online cakes.

Furniture online shopping: the most important thing for netizens is the price advantage.

"Low price is the only way out for B2C." This is the consensus of the industry and the consensus of consumers. In the online survey of a well-known website furniture channel some time ago, 72% of netizens chose online shopping because the online price is more affordable than the physical store price. Therefore, it is undeniable that online shopping malls have no storefront rent, inventory and even water and electricity costs. They have an unparalleled cost advantage and lower the sales price of furniture. Therefore, the most attractive thing for consumers is that it is cheap. It satisfies most people's pursuit of beauty. Cheap consumer psychology. This is also the low-cost support point of B2C.

The biggest advantage of furniture online shopping is also the low price, the price advantage should also be the current survival of the home online store. If there is a large-scale furniture online shopping mall website that can cooperate with furniture manufacturers in depth, establish a comprehensive direct supply agreement, ensure the cost reduction from both the source and the channel through the large-scale purchase with the manufacturers and the elimination of the entrance fee. In order to obtain a stronger price advantage than the home store, it is just around the corner to win the favor of consumers.

White-collar online custom furniture has gradually become mainstream consumption

Today, this society is only what you can't think of, and there is nothing you can't. Anything can be customized as long as you like. Many people in the clothing, hair, home, travel, car and other aspects, according to their own hobbies to carefully choose and match, to highlight their distinctive personality and create their own way of life. Buying furniture is like buying clothes. It is obviously unrealistic to carry large pieces of furniture products back and forth to your home. The digital network era has turned the owner's demand into reality in another way. Nowadays, you only need to hold your own floor plan, and you can search for tens of thousands of items in according to the shape, length, width, door position, window position, etc. of the house space. Designed by a professional designer, the furniture "suit" suitable for your "body shape", and then you can start to enjoy the "window shopping" in the clothing store in front of the computer screen, one by one "fit" plan As you "try on". In this way, you will not have to worry about whether the furniture and the home environment can be harmoniously integrated. uses the most advanced 3D virtual reality technology to advocate the purchase of furniture to its own home, so that the bulk of such consumption can be as safe as buying clothes. This more and more one-to-one service has entered the urban life, and “tailor-made” has become the mainstream consumption method for fashionable men and women.

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