Furniture store survey: material information is not detailed furniture needs "identity card"

Solid wood furniture is not necessarily "all solid wood", leather sofa is not equal to "full leather", just a word difference, the furniture materials are very different, the price is also very different. In fact, the problem of unclear content of furniture product identification has always existed. So, is the material details detailed in the current furniture sales process? Is there a list of materials in the furniture sales contract? Does the furniture have a clear "identity card"? Recently, the reporter went to the major furniture stores to conduct an investigation.

Plate and solid wood furniture column materials are different

For panel furniture, the most important thing is to know the source of the board and the environmental protection. Lin Gaobao, chairman of Green Island Furniture, said that consumers should pay attention to the brand of the board, the supply channels and whether they meet the E1 standard and the ten-ring certification when purchasing sheet furniture.

The sale of solid wood furniture, the bill of materials is more detailed. After visiting the stores such as Red Star Macalline and Jimei Home, the Beijing Morning Post reporter found that today's mature solid wood furniture brands basically provide consumers with clearer materials in the sales contract. For example, for every piece of furniture sold in the top 100 furniture, a list of materials will be attached, and the materials used for the lock and the bottom of a drawer will be clearly written. This is a unique piece in the sale of many furniture. . “The Trade and Industry Bureau has already proposed that the material of solid wood furniture must be clearly indicated on the price tag, and consumers purchase the top 100 furniture, we will also stamp the contract form to ensure the authenticity of its materials.” Hony said.

Imported furniture also requires an "identity card"

Imported furniture is expensive, and consumers are more worried about the source of their materials. Beijing Morning News reporter visited several high-end home stores in Beijing, and found that all brands clearly indicate the origin, main materials, price and other information of the furniture on the signs next to all furniture. Imported products are no exception. Actually, the deputy manager of the International Business Department (Home Respect), said that although the imported furniture does not have a list of materials for the purchase of furniture, the price and the place of origin will be marked with the material and place of origin, and the contract will also be marked. Even when many brands of shopping guides introduce products, they will know exactly which parts are imported materials and which parts are domestic materials. “The store will also take the initiative to check for consumers, because the materials of furniture are closely related to people’s lives, and the clarity of materials is the identification of their quality.”

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