Furniture vie for foreign appearances, fake furniture, why the price is too high

If you pay close attention to the home market, you will find a very strange phenomenon: the market popularity of many high-priced furniture is actually not high. Many consumers even know nothing about these furniture brands when they buy furniture, but they can pay for it. At the time, they will not hesitate - the designer's recommendation is undoubtedly an important factor in making this strange phenomenon become a universal phenomenon. According to the reporter, the sales of Nanjing high-priced furniture brands rely heavily on designers.

A designer with nearly 10 years of experience in the industry revealed to reporters that many of the furniture's “thank you fees” are about 30% of the price, and a few high profits can even reach 40% to 50%. "There are some foreign high-end furniture that are produced by hand. The price in foreign countries is relatively high. In addition, tariffs and transportation will inevitably have some bumps, which makes some pure imported brands of furniture really expensive." The designer pointed out that in order to meet a large number of domestic consumer demand, some imported brands choose to produce by domestic OEM, so the cost will drop a lot. However, in order to make more money, dealers often conceal this point and still use the "pure import" standard to price, which leads to the high price of some domestic "imported furniture". The designer pointed out that this phenomenon exists not only in the furniture market, but also in the building materials market. A well-known imported cabinet TARGET='_BLANK"'HREF="NULL"> cabinet brand opened a foundry factory in Nanjing.

Good quality is more important than whether it is imported.

There are some rational consumers. They choose to import furniture. They are not blindly pursuing the brand, but rather recognize the more advanced design concepts abroad, and they also favor foreign raw materials. The reporter learned in the interview that the quality of some domestically produced furniture is not lower than imported furniture, and has a high cost performance, which can be used as a choice for high-end consumers.

With the integration of the global economy, the bosses or designers of many excellent domestic furniture companies have experienced life abroad and have a better understanding of foreign furniture culture. Some companies have designed and produced more internationally competitive products, even please Outstanding designers from abroad have helped out, which has helped the improvement of the design of domestic furniture brands. "In addition to importing high-quality foreign materials, introducing more advanced machinery and equipment, improving management and after-sales service, domestic high-quality brand furniture may not be at a disadvantage when competing with imported brands." A dealer of a domestic furniture brand in Nanjing In an interview with reporters, the domestic furniture manufacturers are more familiar with the living habits of Chinese people, and the furniture products are more in line with the needs of domestic families.

Industry experts remind that the concept of consumers should be more mature. Don't pay too much attention to “domestic” and “import” when purchasing furniture. It should also comprehensively measure factors such as brand, design, materials, quality, service and price, and choose products that suits them. .

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