Glass bottles of edible oil sought after by the public

For the better statement of glass bottled cooking oil, Prof. Li Shuguang conducted an experiment and concluded that plastic containers are the main source of plasticizers in edible oils. If the materials are all qualified, then glass bottled cooking oil is 100 points, and plastic packaging is only 60 points. So when choosing edible oil, choose the best bottled glass.

With the growing packaging industry, the types of packaging are constantly increasing. For example: plastic, glass, polyester, PET... Nowadays, many people pay more and more attention to the packaging material. More and more people are beginning to understand the impact of different materials. Going to the supermarket will find that most of the edible oil is packaged in plastic, whether it is a large vial or a large barrel. In addition to some slightly better prices and some olive oil will be filled with glass bottles.

Supermarket staff said: Now many customers will re-open the bought cooking oil into glass bottles, and said that glass bottles are safer. Eating will be more comfortable.

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