Globalization of Modern Art Design (4)

● China’s modern design must go beyond China’s own path

Discussing China's modern design cannot be separated from China's actual situation. One is the cultural background of China and the other is the social environment of China. China’s cultural background is the accumulation of 5,000 years of traditional culture; China’s social environment is building socialism with Chinese characteristics. If you break away from these two points, China’s modern design will fail.

The Chinese new generation of artists and designers who have eaten bread can hold various “isms” and “genres” of the West to play and go to God, but once they are used in practice, they must be combined with the reality of China. . Some of our masters, such as Han Meilin, are reluctant and are very successful artists and designers in recent years. They also play Western "ism" and also "Western" schools, but once they have gone deep into Among them, they have solidly studied how to better integrate modern science and technology, traditional culture and art. Han Meilin stressed the "root" and reluctantly strengthened the awareness of the national culture. In sum, it is to find the best entry point for Chinese traditional culture and art in globalization. It is because of their tireless pursuit that they have won great reputation at home and abroad for their artistic creation. They are deeply loved by different classes in society.

Some artists and designers with strong national self-esteem expressed deep concern about the negative impact of globalization on Chinese art and design. They are very worried about the blind westernization of the new generation of artists and designers. This anxiety is not groundless. Many foreigners who have studied and lived in China for many years have held this view. Luo Hongmei (Chinese name), an American student who studied Chinese opera performances in China, once said bluntly on TV: I regret that I did not come to China earlier. At that time, I will see more real Chinese things. Now I’m getting less and less. I am afraid it will be difficult to see it in a few years. What is seen in the eyes of these foreign friends? It is our city that is being "Manhattan", our advertising is being "Coca-Cola", our fashion is being "Paris", our fast food is being "McDonald's", our vision is being "Playboy" is our art is being "New York" ... ... and so on, and so forth. This is just a representation, but in these countless appearances, it does enable people to see the impetuous, superficial and blindness of some of our artists and designers in the shadow of globalization. We can look at the impetuous, superficial, and blindness of the so-called “avant-garde” art through the following case.

I remember there was such a report in the media: "What about the art of three naked women doing brushes? "On April 10, 2002, at an expo in a city in the south, a performance artist and three models who put their breasts on their breasts and wear T-shaped briefs, passionate live performances of a "naked brush "The art of performance. The reporter wrote: The three models gradually took off their gowns and wore white panties, revealing a sexy body. Each of them picked up a red wooden fish and boarded it on the T platform. At this time, sitting on the front of the table, dressed in long dark hair, wearing a dark tunic, the artist left, with a hamburger in his left hand, a large bottle of Coca-Cola in his right hand, devoured and ate. Piano cymbals played unknown songs, and the three models twisted their waists and knocked on the crisp wooden fish. Suddenly, the artist dropped the hamburger and coke bottle, stood up and grabbed a coke bottle filled with red paint next to him. He poured up into a large mouth and slammed on the model's white chest. When he was awake, the red pigment was her. The breasts are centered, radially covered with lower abdomen, arms, and neck, like a cluster of blooming flowers, and then they are scattered raindrops, and they converge into a meandering stream scattered in the lower body. Then, the three models lay down on the stage in different postures. The artist dragged them around on the white cloth, and the white cloth was printed with a colorful body pattern. The audience was angry and reflected strongly. But the artist said: “I’m trying new vector paintings. The hamburgers, Coca-Cola, piano, nudity, and body paintings that you see all represent Western culture; Facebook, Muyu, and these Chinese character strokes. I’ll also spray tea for a while. They all symbolize oriental culture. The theme of this performance art is the idea of ​​expressing the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures." The audience was puzzled. The artist smeared the paint on his mouth and continued: “This white cloth is full of many artistic symbols and is an artwork. After a simple modification, it will be made into a constant stream of bedding products. Many of the actions Art only pays attention to the process rather than the result. The performance is over.” Many people questioned. The artist replied: “Women in the West regard the nude model as a profession that is very proud and glorious. The beauty of the female human body can be accepted by more people. For example, Venus and Mona Lisa are widely loved. How many people like David likes? ?"

This is the so-called "avant-garde behavior" of the new generation of art. In fact, this is not something new, but it is an exotic product from the "eastern effect." Western abstract expressionist artists, in the 1940s, began to shift their attention from canvas to human behavior itself. This movement was called Action Painting. Through the painting process, the artist “emers” himself in the work, resulting in the artist’s body becoming a tool for applying paint, similar to a brush. The traces of the body remain directly in the work. Use the body directly as a "canvas" for painting. Dushan, who was the originator of the performance artist, made a reputation in 1946 entitled "The Wayward Landscape" and gave it to his lover, the Brazilian artist Maria Martins. Martins's body was used as a model for Duchamp's works Given (1946-1966) and Please Touch (1947). The Wayward Landscape is a mysterious abstract painting with unknown materials. In 1989, chemical analysis showed that it was made of semen. Duchamp dedicated another artist—Plexiglas pressed from the hair of the head, armpits, and pudendal areas—to artist Robert Matta. At the 2nd Tokyo Concrete Art Exhibition in October 1956, Shozo Shimamoto paints by throwing paint bottles. He threw the paint cans to the canvas on the floor, the canvas was not fixed. A glassy surface was formed on the canvas, bright red, orange and black, reminiscent of fire and destruction. It is said that this emphasizes the randomness and naturalness of painting. In 1960 Yves Klein (Yave Klein) and Maurice d'Arquian, owner of the Paris International Contemporary Art Gallery, curated a spectacular show in front of more than 100 artists, demonstrating the process of body painting. Wearing a tuxedo and a white bow tie, Klein directs two naked models to move on the canvas. The model was painted with a blue pigment to leave a blue trace on the canvas. It is called the "blue painting of the human body." As a result, China's "elite" artists put atrocities such as "dead corpses," "eat dead babies," "cut human flesh," and "killing living creatures" to extermination of human nature, and covered the aura of "art" and "culture". The palace of "beauty" was examined.

(to be continued)

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