Green wardrobe, four steps to see and ask, let you worry and save money (Figure)

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the continuous improvement of people's home life quality, the environmentally-friendly overall wardrobe has become a category that is very popular in the home market. How to choose when purchasing the whole wardrobe? After purchasing the panels of the wardrobe, environmental protection level, and environmental protection testing, how can consumers purchase the wardrobe through the most simple and easy-to-operate side? Today, the Chinese wardrobe network teaches everyone to look and hear. Ask, cut four parts to buy environmentally friendly wardrobes.

Green wardrobe selection

Hope: Ordinary consumers enter the store, the first is the visual intuitive feeling, the environmentally friendly wardrobe should be high quality materials, delicate touch, good edge sealing. Mr. Chen, the wardrobe expert, advocated: “Consumers can first see what the plates are. If the plates are MDF, it is relatively impossible to reach the environmental protection.” The second one can see if the wardrobe finish is painted. Because the paint itself contains a lot of formaldehyde. The third request guides out the test certificate of the wardrobe product, and sees whether its environmental protection grade is E0 or E1."

Green wardrobe picture

Smell: The release of formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic gases in the closet, the most intuitive way to detect is to use the nose to feel, when close to the cabinet or open the door, the closet smells pungent, even smoked eyes , it can be determined that the formaldehyde products such as formaldehyde in the wardrobe product are obviously exceeding the standard.

Ms. Li, a shopping guide for a brand of wardrobes, advocates that consumers should pay special attention when purchasing children's rooms or wardrobes for pregnant women: “Children, pregnant women, and the elderly have poor body resistance. If the wardrobe products in the bedroom are pungent, The wardrobe should be disposed of or changed immediately.” And regarding the newly-purchased wardrobe, it is inevitable to distribute the atmosphere. Ms. Li advocates the consumer to dispose of the ventilation: “The newly renovated house is usually vacant for two to three months, and the windows, cabinet doors, etc. are opened. For ventilation, I don't recommend customers to purchase so-called formaldehyde products, because those chemicals may be separated from the air to cause secondary pollution. Under normal conditions, the indoor environment chooses to use plant purification to achieve better results."

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