Group Book Expo based on the construction of the wisdom library of the Internet +

At the end of 2013, Guangzhou City took the lead in the reform of the library in nine key schools in the city, and creatively proposed the concept of campus smart library. Through the use of internationally advanced technology, a bridge has been established between the Guangzhou Children's Library and the campus library. The biggest feature of the system platform is that it completely breaks through the limitations of traditional public libraries in terms of service areas, service time, and service methods. By establishing a smart library in primary and secondary schools, it is connected with public libraries, and the public libraries are The paper and electronic resources are fully delivered to various schools, which greatly enriches the library resources of the campus and greatly improves the utilization efficiency of public resources. The biggest innovations of the campus smart library are as follows:

(1) Innovation in technical means.

Through the comprehensive use of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, network technology, intelligent control technology, wireless communication technology, detachable house technology, video technology and other high-tech means, the library collection function is realized in the library construction, readers Self-service borrowing and returning function, security anti-theft function, fast and accurate data statistics function and update function, so that the library is unattended, self-service borrowing, security anti-theft, pre-borrowing, information inquiry, digital resource push, Open 24 hours.

(2) Innovation in operating model.

Creatively proposed the four-in-one campus smart library operation mode, that is, the government invested funds, the enterprise provided technical support, the public library provided literature information resources, and the school provided the place. The four parties worked together to build a knowledge information for the teachers and students of the school. Guaranteed service system. The comprehensive utilization of the Quartet resources, coordination and cooperation, together to create a new information model of highly information, intelligence, and humanization.

The RFID system of the first campus smart library in Guangzhou was put into use in nine middle schools in Guangzhou in December 2013. The use of this system marks the official landing of the RFID library system in the field of primary and secondary school libraries. Since the system was in operation, it has been stable and has greatly improved the modern management level of the campus library. The application of this new technology has made the Guangzhou Middle School Library the only large-scale campus intelligent library network system in China that uses the RFID library system.

Based on the Guangzhou Children's Library, the Guangzhou Campus Wisdom Library uses the library resources and electronic resources of the Children's Library, which has enabled the library's millions of books resources to be enrolled on campus and students to borrow more than a few times. At the same time, it realizes self-service lending, readers self-management, no need to be on duty, and solve the problem of opening the school library holidays, which can be left unattended for 24 hours. It has truly realized the expansion and complementarity of services and book resources, and has been well received by teachers and students since its operation. The director of the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau once highly praised the campus smart library and considered it to be “high-grade, full-coverage, and good-effect”, and is the future direction of campus library development.

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