Hao Meng brings new products to be unveiled at the 2015 Asian Bike Show!

The largest dental plate manufacturer in the country, Haomai Automotive Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will soon land on the Asian Bicycle Show from October 9th to December 12th, 2015. In the industry, Haori's tooth plate, which is known for its high practicality, has attracted many cycling enthusiasts! What are the new products that will be brought to us by the Asian Bike Show? Below, just go and watch with Xiao Bian!浩 Hao Meng new products: ETERNAL-721C-TT This HaoMeng brings its new ETERNAL-721C-TT to participate in the Asian Bike Show 2015. This product has been optimized and improved both in terms of appearance and weight: the new shape design increases the strength, optimizes the balance of weight and strength, and the new chain lifts the shifting function to make the shifting smoother and lighter!

â–² Hao Meng new ETERNAL-721C-TT October 9-12, 2015, Nanjing International Expo Center booth 4.3110, Asia Bike Exhibition, Hao Meng new products will show you that it has exquisite craftsmanship, and high performance, cost-effective tooth plate . The wonderful is about to begin, Hao Meng will meet with you! Article Source: Hao Meng Above reproduced from the equipment cool 2015 official designated partner Asian bike exhibition official website

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