HG20592-20635-97 steel pipe flanges, gaskets, fasteners (European system and America

HG20592 ~ 20635-97 flange standard HG20592——20635-97 flange standard has 536 pages. This standard specifies the nominal diameter, nominal pressure, flange type, connection size, sealing surface size and marking of steel pipe flanges (European system)

baby safety chair

Baby safety chair is with whisper, when baby sit down, seat cushion would whisper, get baby interest in sitting. Products are used of new PP material, can bear 80kgs weight, very safe for baby in any age. Suit for baby bathing, washing, even playing, in any place need sit.

Pack 6pcs in one carton. OEM is possible, customized colors are also available. Let we know your demand, suitable recommendation would be provided within 2 days.

Quality is our culture, service is also what we emphasis. Choose us, you just give order, we will do the following all things, keep you posted on order details periodically, and delivery on time.

Baby Safety Chair

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