High-altitude standard configuration--Therm-A-Rest RidgeRest Solar/SOLite silver mat

When it comes to moisture mats, it is really very important. It relates to your comfort and safety! The Therm-a-rest silver-silk foam mat is really classic. If you ask me which mat is the most comfortable, I may not say it, but you asked me to go to high altitude which is the safest, I Will certainly not hesitate to tell you, Yinhao! Speaking of this, many people do not understand, but also comfortable and small inflatable cushion is not enough, because in the high altitude areas, because of the relationship between air pressure and hot and cold, making the gas volume will be less, usually have to sleep at night To make up a few breaths, more trouble, there is a high altitude mouth blowing too much effort, but also easier to puncture ~ so not as good as the foam pad moisture safety pad ... ... Most of the high-altitude hiking standard is a silver carp.

Each THERM-A-REST consists of a thermally insulated breathable honeycomb sponge core and a sealed fabric structure. This sponge plus fabric combines the secrets of the official THERM-A-REST comfort. The pressure exerted by the person's weight on the inside of the air cushion results in the expansion of the sponge without a body weight pressure area, thereby reducing the tightening of the area close to the hips and shoulders, so that the entire body is supported.

Jubilee is also divided into green and blue. The thickness of the SOLite green mat is 1.5cm, the R value is 2.8, the thickness of the Solar Blue mat is 2.0cm, and the R value is 3.5. The R value represents the ability of the material to prevent heat from passing through. The higher the R value, the higher the thermal and thermal insulation properties of the material. In general, the green silver dragonfly is more suitable for three-quarters of walking, and the blue and silver dragonfly is more suitable for the four seasons and high altitude areas.

Solite Green Size: S: 51x122x1.5cm; Packing 51x17cm; Weight: 260g R: 51x183x1.5cm; Packing 51x20cm; Weight: 400g L: 63x196x1.5cm; Packing 64x22cm; Weight: 540g Solar Blue Size: R 51x22x2cm; Packing 51x22cm; Weight: 540g L: 63x196x2cm; Packing 64x25cm; Weight: 740g

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