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Power walking machine: one of the simplest, most economical and easiest way to exercise. The leg exerciser designed to simulate the steps and the leg movements of the mountain climber will reduce the strength of the leg muscles to keep the legs fit.

Treadmill: Known as the most effective and scientific way to keep fit and healthy. This type of exercise has no way to rely on weight loss results, and will reduce the damage to the body's ability during the weight loss process to the shortest point, and is highly valued by the medical and sports communities for aerobic exercise.

Exercise bikes: Many people in their lives have bicycles, but using exercise bikes to lose weight is not a comparable exercise. The exercise bike can freely adjust the exercise intensity of cycling, and inspect the speed, exercise time, heart rate, etc. of each hour by the electronic watch on the exercise bike.

Rowing equipment: Rowing is an ancient and attractive sport. The way to take a lot of weight loss is different because about 90% of the extensor muscles take exercise during every rowing exercise. The extensor muscles in the living body do not participate in any exercise at all, but most of them participate in the balanced exercise that maintains the posture of the body. Therefore, this type of rowing machine is really the best choice for exercise of the extensor.

Really good idea: Learn how you can monitor your metabolism in the usual way: Your weight will be heavier in the morning and heavy in the morning. Comparing the number of morning weights with the number of morning weights, it can be measured whether the metabolism is normal. If the difference is about 2%, it shows that the body's metabolism is excellent, otherwise it will prove that the body's metabolism is slow.

The more effective fitness equipment, the better

This is really a misunderstanding. Dozens of effects have been put on a single exercise machine, and the appropriate level of volume will be affected, and the application rate of various effects will not be high.

After choosing fitness equipment, you should first understand the goals of applying fitness equipment

Is fitness equipment used to lose weight or to lose weight and keep fit? Maybe you are planning to build bodybuilding muscles? The appropriate instruments should be selected for different goals. When buying and buying fitness equipment, don’t blindly rely on TV shopping or dumping at big shopping malls. Be sure to try it yourself.

When buying and buying fitness equipment for home applications, at most the following topics should be asked to understand:

1. How long it takes to remove and remove the demand;

2. How large is the volume after installation;

3, what materials are used to make;

4. If looming a small whole item or a long-term wear and tear demand exchange, to what day to find and so on. In the end, it is best to try it out for yourself and see if you can open up your own application habits.

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