Home stores aim at "double 12" e-commerce festival online and offline interactive profit

Although from the perspectives of service, experience and product security, home stores have the innate advantages of e-commerce, but it is undeniable that e-commerce channels have become the mainstream trend of future development. Including home stores in recent years are also trying to "electric shock", one is to cooperate with the existing e-commerce platform, and the second is to build an e-commerce website, but both are in their infancy. Nowadays, the “Double Eleven” shopping frenzy has just receded, and the home store has set its sights on the “Double Twelve” e-commerce cake.

Double platform integrated home store is busy "electric shock"

It is worth noting that just one week before the "Double Eleven", the home of O2O launched the O2O e-commerce project "actually online", aiming to build the first high-end O2O model e-commerce platform in the domestic home building materials circulation industry, and it is still unprecedented. It is necessary to cancel the store fee and service fee of the partner manufacturer. As of December 3, "real online" sales of nearly 14 million, November 24 single-day sales of more than 4 million, a single brand sales exceeded 1 million. Actually, online general manager Wang Xiaokang said that in 2014, the home will be more in-depth to promote the online and offline integration strategy, adhere to the direction and positioning unwavering, and truly add value to the business.

In July last year, another home giant Red Star Macalline entered the e-commerce market with low-key, and its e-commerce platform “Hongmei Mall” was launched, and was renamed “Xing Yi Jia” after this year's revision. During the “Double Eleven” period, “Xing Yi Jia” held a promotion on the 10th-12th. Recently, it was also reported that Red Star Macalline is in contact with Suning, and the wholly-owned subsidiary family will be interested in entering the open platform of Suning.

IKEA, known for its experiential marketing, also said it was considered to enter the e-commerce field at the end of last year. At present, IKEA has launched e-commerce business in only 10 countries, but the product range is limited. The industry insiders also said in an interview with the media, "Many industry leaders have turned their attention to the new growth point of e-commerce. We tried it many years ago, but for various reasons we have not been able to continue, I think we will choose a good one. Time to intervene, will not ignore e-commerce."

E-commerce, offline can find a balance of interests

“We are confident that the online store of Fussenmei Home will be the best B2C home shopping mall in the west, because it can highlight the advantages of traditional stores in terms of experience and service.” In the opinion of an industry insider, this is based on Fusenmei Home's multiple physical stores, multiple vendor resources and brand resources. Based on the long-term perspective, home stores must use a high-quality pre-sales experience to grasp more market share, while at the same time fully improve and improve after-sales service such as delivery, installation and product maintenance, and use service value added to fill the e-commerce platform. price difference.

Building materials, furniture, etc. require an order cycle, and shipment and transportation are different from general products. It is understood that all the products of Fussen·Mei Home Online Mall are arranged and distributed by the merchants. The online mall is responsible for supervising and supervising the distribution of the merchants. Wu Baolong emphasized to reporters that although it is a traditional home store, Fusenmei Home never opposes e-commerce, but only opposes unfair competition between online and offline. He believes that in fact, between the e-commerce and the offline, a balance of interests can be found. If traditional home stores simply rely on offline promotions, it is difficult to achieve the "double eleven" effect, but if it is enough to allow effective interaction between online and offline, it will have an advantage over pure home e-commerce.

The reporter noticed that around the "Double Eleven" promotion, these home stores built their own online malls, using online and offline mutual drainage to fully mobilize online and offline resources. Offline coupons are collected online, online gifts are collected offline, and online and offline are tried in marketing strategies. At the same time, according to the pursuit of product personalization by online consumer groups, a large number of targeted products have been launched. Not only did they set up new e-commerce organizations, but they also achieved online and offline product and price synchronization. "From the current situation, the traditional home store is also robbing the e-commerce platform and striving for initiative." A domestic industry insider told reporters that if the O2O model can be successfully transformed in the traditional channel, manufacturers may prefer Professional offline channels.

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