Household feng shui use contraindications

The correct use of feng shui items can adjust the magnetic field of the home, and help the transportation. If used improperly, it will also be counterproductive. Yuan Chong closes this article and mentions several common feng shui items. I hope my friends can pay attention.

one. Landscape painting water can not flow out

Water represents wealth; when the landscape painting is set in the living room, it must be noted that the direction of the water flow in the painting cannot be toward the door and outside, and the direction of the water flow is preferably in the master bedroom or the house. In particular, in the bedroom, do not put "Wan Ma Pentium", "Tiger Tiger down the mountain" paintings, otherwise it is easy to destroy the marital relationship.

two. Feng Shui sword should not be opened

There are many types of Feng Shui swords, such as the Seven Star Sword, the Peach Sword, or other materials made of swords. The main function is to restrain the sharp corners outside the house, the electric shackles of the telephone poles, and the lawsuit tongue. It must be noted that Feng Shui does not need to open the front. It can even be said that it is not advisable to open the front. Because the sword of the front is sharp, it is easy to hurt people. The blunt sword does not hurt people, but it can still drive out the spirit.

Third, gossip mirror can not be guilty of others

The mirror's phlegm function is commonly used and powerful. Walking in the streets, it is easy to find the gossip mirror hanging on the eaves wall. There are three points to pay attention to when hanging the gossip mirror: 1. Hanging at 12 o'clock at noon; 2. Opening the light; 3. The direction of reflection should not be shot in other people's houses, and you should not turn your home's embarrassment to someone else's home.

four. Don't worship the god Buddha figure without opening the light

Many people will go home to worship and worship the pictures of the gods and Buddhas, but they do not know that they must pass through the mage to open the light, and ask the Buddha to be attached to this picture. Because of the bad suffocation, the demon demon and the body that may be attached to the god Buddha, destroy the luck of the people who worship the worship. Yuan Chong, please be sure to pay attention to the use of Feng Shui implements in order to improve the home feng shui.

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