How can I buy the right host?

The mainframe is the most important part of a computer, so be careful when purchasing it. Today's electronic products, this year is a new model, maybe next year will become a low-end product, the update is particularly fast, then how can we buy a suitable host?


1, the host computer hard drive

Is the size and speed of the hard disk related? Many people think that it doesn't matter. In fact, the size of the hard disk has a certain relationship with the performance of the whole machine. When we choose, we usually choose a single disk, and the cache is slightly higher. The same can be selected according to the needs of the collection, generally choose 500G blue disk, 16M cache.

2, the host's graphics card

Configure a good graphics card, for playing games, high-definition web pages are faster, so when you install a machine, choose a card of about four or five hundred, you can use it perfectly for three years, meet some of the current 3D games, special effects Fully open.


3, the memory of the host

The size of the memory directly affects the performance of the entire computer host. Now the installation is basically 4GDDR31333. Whether your computer is used for office or home games, increasing the memory will give priority to the performance of the video card. The purchase of memory must be purchased. Authentic licensed, please look for security labels.

4, the power of the host

Choose a good power source. The power is like a person's heart. Insufficient power often causes many failures, such as damage to the hard disk, failure to boot, and failure to watch movies in full screen.

5, the motherboard of the host

To choose a good motherboard. Try to use well-known brands such as Gigabyte, MSI, ASUS, Elite, and Biostar, and do not use those brand-name motherboards. For those motherboards that are not well-known, when buying, don't be cheap, don't be fooled by JS. It's best to check other people's evaluations online. Most of the evaluations are correct.

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