How can I destroy you: spots

There are many reasons for long spots , such as exposure, not paying attention to sun protection. Although this is the case, you know which age stage is the most prone to long spots. Let's take a look. Cosmetics Merchants Network reported.

How can I destroy you: spots

Stage 1: 10 to 19 years old, the most fierce time in the sun!

Even if it is white, it is silently turning into "the bottom of the day."

Teens the bloom period, metabolism good, even tan, white ground for faster whitening can be, at most, to take a few small freckles, did not in fear!

But according to a medical statistics, usually 20 years after birth, it will intensively receive 80% of ultraviolet rays in a lifetime. Because this is the most common time to run outdoors, and lack the correct whitening concept, although melanin metabolism is fast, but the health of cells is like deposits, free radical attacks will be less, until 25 years old, the area of ​​spots With the increase in the number, scars are not easy to eliminate, these are the bad physique accumulated in childhood!

Stage 2: 20 to 29 years old metabolism begins to sell you!

Melanin production is greater than metabolism, and shallow spots begin to float on the countertop.

When a girl is 25 years old, her physiology begins to slide, even if she is indoors, whitening every day, the spot may still come out inexplicably!

Because the metabolism is slower, and the ultraviolet damage that began to accumulate in the teens, melanin makes metabolism. Excess melanin is eaten by keratinocytes, and the dark spots on the surface are formed. At this time, the class is one by one. Without maintenance, it will be a whole piece!

Stage 3: 30 to 39 years old aging is also a step!

The melanin that is overloaded in stock has fallen into the deep bottom of the muscle.

When you enter the age of 3, the metabolism will become "Auntie grade". If you don't rub whitening and sunscreen, the overloaded melanin will fall into the aging deformed muscle base membrane and become a large group of deep spots. In addition, ultraviolet rays stimulate the dermis for a long time, and the collagen becomes yellow and hard, and the translucency of the skin becomes worse. The harder it is, the more difficult it is to get rid of the yellow and dark bitter muscles.

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