How to choose the right double eyelid tool

It seems that people love big eyes by nature. Big eyes are not only gods, but also more attractive. Therefore, many girls are born with double eyelids or single eyelids. Most of them try their best to make their eyes bigger. The most straightforward way is to use a double eyelid tool. However, there are so many double eyelid tools on the market, which one is the most suitable for you?
1, medical tape

How to choose the right double eyelid tool

Advantage: You can freely cut the shape.
Disadvantages: It is more troublesome to cut, and it requires a high technical content.
Suitable type: any eye shape.
2, double eyelid glue

How to choose the right double eyelid tool

Advantages: It is not easy to have flaws.
Disadvantages: Easy to stain eye makeup.
Suitable type: girls who like nude makeup.
3, the beauty paste

How to choose the right double eyelid tool

Advantages: Convenient, can be used directly by tearing off.
Disadvantages: Individual eye shape may not be suitable.
Suitable type: travel is more convenient.

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