How to Deepen the Quality of Modern Commodity Packaging Design

First, the packaging design is first of all the crystallization of teamwork

Today's packaging design focuses more on marketing strategies. In itself, this is a high-intelligence integrated service work. It is not a single operation, but rather the result of more participation and integration of other departments. The merchant is more like a partner. A packaging design project needs multiple people to complete the collaboration. It needs to communicate and communicate with the business, and needs to be responsible for production and Sales people work closely and cooperate with each other.

For major projects, it should also include market research personnel, consultants and other professionals involved. In short, a good design is the best embodiment of group collaboration. The closer the cooperation, the greater the grasp of the product on the market and the achievement of good sales performance.

Second, packaging design is the art of door positioning

For packaging design, finding the direction of the design is more important than anything else. Customers do a design, often for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is to launch a brand-new product, sometimes to improve the product for the sake of upgrading the original product. Regardless of the design motivation, it is essential to fully understand the consumer's needs, which requires the design of this project. The team has a certain understanding of the market. For example, if the customer is launching a brand new product, it is necessary to carry out research, what its target market is, and how to formulate a corresponding design proposal for the target consumer group; if it is a new product replacement, then its What are the advantages of the original brand packaging that need to be inherited; if the product is redesigned, is it to develop new markets or to reverse the declining sales situation, how is the sales of similar products, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of existing designs? What are the strengths and weaknesses that need to be learned from. In short, the more thorough understanding of the customer's situation, the more accurate the positioning of the practice, the better the final design effect.

Third, the quality of packaging design is subject to market

"Beauty" is not the only standard for measuring excellent packaging. The high grade of materials does not determine the quality of design. Gorgeous outerwear packages on some unsuitable products have excessively advertised the value of packaging and are often not recognized by consumers. With high-quality products and poor packaging, it is impossible to achieve the desired market effect. Only according to different stages, different locations, different ages and levels of consumer groups, to make targeted sales packaging, is an excellent packaging design. Therefore, to evaluate the quality of a package, it should be evaluated objectively. It should be based on the suitability of its products. It cannot be set aside by its individual aesthetics.

Fourth, packaging design should have unique personality characteristics in order to better meet consumers

In addition to the indispensable promotion function, the packaging design itself has the personality traits that are the fields that modern packaging design must involve. Different consumers have different personalities, and a packaging with a target personality color is easier to satisfy. Consumers' needs also make it easier to communicate and interact with consumers. This is an important issue that cannot be ignored in modern packaging design.

Fifth, packaging design more and more like a social science, it is a combination of rational and emotional

Because of the increasing development of domestic packaging design, it is unlikely that a single person or his subjective consciousness will determine the final form of a packaging design. In reality, the designer is often prone to fall into a state of self-feeling, and it is difficult to extricate himself. Its essence is the same as what the customer thinks his product is good and what he wants to perform. There is no real difference. Through the accurate positioning of the target market, the accurate positioning of competitors, their own precise positioning, the form of the packaging itself, the color, the status, the shelf display, and the promotion and promotion will be very natural, rationally determined, and the market goals will be relatively Easy to reach.

Six, packaging design is an integrated strategic design features

In the promotional environment related to packaging design, packaging design is not independent, and the product itself as a fundamental, packaging as the center, supplemented by appropriate advertising and various promotional methods to achieve the unity of the image, the effect is significant Sex. For packaging design, it also requires that it reflect the entire project plan, the ultimate purpose of product advertising, packaging terms, slogans with a large sales promotion, consistent with the business product promotion strategy.

VII. The packaging design must be fast in the transmission of information. The subject of its expression should be very unique.

Often there are too many topics to be represented in the package, thereby weakening the appeal of the package itself. When you look in a dazzling array of products, your eyes stay on each product for a short period of time, so the packaging design must be direct in the message, preferably the only, intuitive, it should have a clear Clear features allow customers to see the product at a glance. This requires the designer's basic skills in graphic design - the application of patterns and colors, the correct rhythm grasp, the selection of materials, or the display of goods, etc., all have a concrete understanding and mastery, and strive to make each design economic practical.

Eighth, packaging design is continuously reviewed and improved in order to achieve development and maturity.

A product's packaging design is often not a single stage of design, many of which require a long period of development, improvement, and maturity. Therefore, relevant personnel should constantly review their performance in the market, reposition them, and constantly compare and adjust them so that they become mature and stable products. So good packaging design is a long-term maintenance and maintenance work.

Source: Greater China Graphic Arts Network

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