Identity Introduces CD74 Packaging Press for the First Time in the UK

Identity has invested nearly one million pounds in the production of B2 printers, including the first Heidelberger CD74 packaging presses sold for the first time in the UK.

After the Tunbridge Wells printer purchased a Prinance MIS and a Suprasetter 74, the Speedmaster CD 74-5L will enter the UK market at the end of April.

CoatingStar is a packaging supply device developed by Heidelberg, which enables printers to quickly and easily switch between water-based inks, UV inks and specialty inks.

Kevin Appleton, Identity's director, said: “We had previously tried to print directly with the six-color group. However, the actual situation allowed us to understand that our purpose was actually to facilitate packaging. Therefore, a better approach was to switch to a dedicated packaging press. .

The company will retain the production of two 5-color printing press SM 52s, but the CD 74 will continue to serve existing customers (mainly stationery, brochures, and some design and advertising agencies from the UK).

Appleton added: "The CD printing machine is a perfect fit for the transfer of pad printing ink to paper. The customer also responded that it will allow us to complete more print jobs."

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