Independent triple temperature control of carbon dioxide incubator

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed a Haozhuang (LNB) carbon dioxide incubator, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country.
According to the heating method, it is divided into two types: gas jacket and water jacket:
Both gas-jacketed heating and water-jacketed heating are accurate and reliable, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Water jacket heating is to maintain a constant temperature by surrounding the inner box with an independent water jacket layer. Its advantages: water is a good thermal insulation substance. When a power failure occurs, the water jacket system can Maintaining the temperature accuracy and stability in the incubator for a long time is beneficial to users who are not stable in the experimental environment and need to maintain long-term stable culture conditions. Air-jacket heating directly heats the inner box through heaters located in the gas jacket layer of the box, also known as six-sided direct heating. Compared with the water jacket type, the air jacket type has the characteristics of faster heating and faster temperature recovery than the water jacket type incubator, which is particularly beneficial for short-term cultivation and cultivation that requires frequent opening and closing of the door. In addition, the air jacket design is more simple for the user than the water jacket.
Maintaining a constant temperature in the carbon dioxide incubator is an important factor for maintaining healthy growth of cells, so an accurate and reliable temperature control system is an indispensable important part of the incubator. In order to make the incubator work more stably, we recommend users to choose carbon dioxide incubators with independent triple temperature control function, that is, temperature control, over temperature alarm control and ambient temperature monitoring.
Precautions for use 1. Close the door of the incubator to avoid gas leakage and affect the test effect;
2. After the refrigeration system stops working, clean the working chamber and glass observation window with a soft cloth;
3. Before each shutdown, each control switch should be in a non-working state before cutting off the power;
4. The carbon dioxide incubator should be placed on a flat ground, the environment should be clean and tidy, dry and ventilated;
5. Do not adjust the pressure of the inflow gas to be too large, so as not to break the pipeline and damage the detector;
6. Before the instrument is used, all control switches should be in a non-working state, and the speed control knob should be placed in the minimum position;
7. Properly use and pay attention to the maintenance of the instrument so that it is in a good working state, which can extend the service life of the instrument;
8. It is not suitable for the cultivation of articles containing volatile chemical solvents, low-concentration explosive gas and low ignition point gas, and toxic substances.
9. Keep the air in the incubator clean and disinfect it regularly; always pay attention to the amount of distilled water in the distilled water tank in the box to maintain the relative humidity in the box and avoid the evaporation of the culture solution;
10. During the continuous working period of the instrument, periodic inspection should be done every three months; check whether there are water drops, dirt, etc. falling on the motor and exposed refrigeration components; clean the dust and dirt on the compressor, condenser; check Fuses, control elements and fastening screws.

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