Ink color with (three)

2, the deployment of light-colored ink

Whereas diluting agents or white inks are mainly used, and dark inks are supplemented, ink formulation is collectively referred to as light-colored ink formulation. At the time of deployment, the dark ink of the desired hue is gradually added in an appropriate amount of the diluent, until it meets the requirements of the color sample.

Types of diluting agent include: white oil, maintenance oil, light diffusing agent, bright paste, white ink, etc. In the deployment of light-colored ink, three different deployment methods are commonly used:

The first one is the dilute and blending method based on virial oil, white oil, and dilute agent. This method of deployment of light-colored ink, with a certain degree of transparency, does not have hiding power, but the ink is not clear, it is suitable for ink overprinting, to make up for the lack of main color tone, generally used in the offset printing process of light red, light blue, Light grey ink, etc., to complement the tone atmosphere and levels of the magenta, blue, and black versions.

The second kind is the discoloration matching method based on white ink. This method of deployment of light-colored ink, hair powder, ink than fresh, but has a strong hiding power, due to the heavy texture of the paint, printing, easy stacking, stacking blanket, poor light resistance, suitable for printing on the ground. Alkaline zinc oxide white ink is best not used.

The third kind is the blending method of adding white ink and white oil and virial oil. In this method, the white ink plays a role of lightening, and the prepared light ink has different hiding power and transparency depending on the amount of white ink.

The hue of ink formulated with different methods depends on the one hand on the hue of the ink to be incorporated and on the other hand on the lightening mode. E.g:

The light red is mainly based on maintenance oil, light dispersant, etc., slightly pink or orange.
Pink mainly white ink, slightly pink or orange.
Light blue is mainly based on virial oil, and slightly peacock blue.
Lake blue is dominated by white ink, and peacock blue is slightly added.

The above four kinds of light red and light blue, pink and lake blue, although the same dark ink with the same allocation, but its color is not the same. Light red, light blue matt, dark colors; pink, lake blue bright colors, beautiful and bright.

Table 2-6 Light Ink Preparation Reference Table Light Ink Hue Master Dilutant (or White Ink) Dark Ink

Light ink hue master diluting agent (or white ink) dark ink pink white magenta or orange lake blue white ink peacock blue (for deeper, slightly sky blue) light red dimensional oil, lighter pink or orange light blue Colorwell oil Peacock blue pale white and blue ink red, sky blue lake green and white ink light blue, light blue (for deeper, slightly yellow) green fader Peacock blue, yellow silver gray oil, light agent, white ink silver paste

Sometimes, in actual production, customers only provide color names, and the color names are still foreign names. Chromatograms only have color proportions. There is no color name, which often brings certain difficulties in the transfer of ink. This requires the transfer of ink. Summarize in practice, for example:

Christmas Red → Yellow 100%, Red 100%
Coral Red → Yellow 50%, Red 70%
Campanulaceae color → Magenta 70%, Cyan 70%
Turkey Blue → Yellow 20%, Green 80%
If the dishes → yellow 80%, green 10%
Naples yellow → yellow 70%, magenta 10%
Almond yellow → yellow 50%, magenta 30%
Amber → Yellow 80%, Magenta 50%
Royal Purple → Yellow 30%, Magenta 100%, Green 80%
Tibetan blue → Magenta 90%, Cyan 100%, 50%
Olive → Yellow 90%, Magenta 30%, Black 80%
Mustard color → yellow 100%, magenta 10%, black 30%
Prussian Blue → Yellow 40%, Magenta 70%, Blue 100%
Wool color → yellow 30%, magenta 20%, cyan 20%
Bottle Green→Yellow 60%, Magenta 50%, Blue 90%

According to the corresponding ratio of the chromatographic dots, the following formula can be used to calculate the approximate proportion of light to be diluted.

Example 1: Chromatographic light green (yellow 50%, cyan 30%) Assume that the desired diluting agent is X, then light green = yellow 50% + green 30% + X
The actual ratio is: Yellow ink: Blue ink: Dilute agent = 5:3:12
That is, 12 diluting agents are required to prepare the light green ink.

Example 2: Chromatographic light brown (yellow 30%, magenta 20%, cyan 20%) Assume that the desired diluting agent is X, then light brown = yellow 30% + magenta 20% + cyan 20% + X
The actual ratio is: Yellow ink: Magenta ink: Blue ink: Dilute agent = 3:2:2:23
When preparing the light brown ink, 23 diluting agents are required.

[Expert Tips]
In light-color inks, use as little white ink as possible, but by no means do not use white ink. Although the white ink cannot be completely used as a diluting agent. However, white ink does have a dilute effect on dark ink. In recent years, due to the trendy design, the colors are more abundant, and the light colors formulated with white ink are indeed beautiful and bright, and the colors are bright. In addition, the white ink is easy to pile up ink during printing, and the transferability is poor, but it cannot be used to exclude the use of white ink. The most important thing is to respect the opinions of customers.

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