Interpretation of 孪叶苏木

孪叶苏木 is also called 孪叶豆. Mainly distributed in South America, the Brazilian Amazon is the most prosperous. The exterior is shiny and has no special odor. Heavy, high strength, very resistant to corrosion. It is resistant to white rot fungi, brown rot fungi and termites, and has strong oil absorption. The Americans call "cherry wood", and since the crown is so "high name", it does make sense. It has the texture of cherry wood wavy, and it is a combination of Chinese and Chinese landscape paintings with introverted beauty and good performance. It can be matched with various styles of furniture.孪叶苏木 is widely used in flooring, furniture, musical instruments, etc. Adapt to the climate in all parts of China.

Eucalyptus sylvestris is a striking red wood with a variety of properties, its maroon and extraordinary hardness make it attractive and popular. Because of its extremely high hardness, this floor has a strong collision resistance, and its distinctive color is more suitable to reflect the warmth of the family and the nobleness of the owner. If you like the red color of eucalyptus, but you want a higher hardness, the only Chinese company that has an autonomous forest base in Brazil and develops it is especially suitable for you. In the international market, 孪叶苏木 is often in a situation of “supply in short supply, no price, no market”, and its noble quality.

This is a very practical tool, and it is also the main core of Roller Brush.
It can be disassembled and assembled on the roller brush.
Its material determines different uses. It is suitable for rough walls, smooth walls, and different paints.
Its size is also very rich: 2, 4, 6, 7, 9,, and 10". If you need to customize, we can meet.
Production process: cloth cutting, cloth glue bonding, perfusion, cloth and the inner pipe fitting, size cut, carding, chamfering, molding packaging.
Product advantages: glue is sufficient, not falling off, the tube is very tough, not easy to damage (experiment proved that you can load an adult weight, about 70kg), draw paint amount is enough, easy to brush more.

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