Jin Keer ridge mattress is a good mattress

The bed, accurately speaking, should be a mattress. It is a good partner in our life. In a person’s life, about one-third of the time is spent on the mattress. It can be said that the mattress is good or bad. Whether it directly affects the quality of our sleep and the health of our body.

So what is the standard for a good mattress? Gao Tiezhen, a director and orthopedics expert at the National Institute of Orthopaedic Surgery of the National Institute of Chinese Medicine, said: "The best standard for a good mattress is to design the structure according to the weight distribution of the human body and the curve of the spine. When the human body is supine, the mattress can ensure the normal lordosis of the lumbar vertebrae. When the human body is turned to the side, the mattress can fit the curve of the human body, keeping the spine level and evenly bearing the entire weight of the body."

11.1 good mattress is the first step to protect the spine

A good mattress can better care for spine health

This is because when the person is lying on the bed, the whole skeleton curve of the human body will change accordingly, and under the gravity of the earth, it will show a natural state of relaxation. If the mattress can't support the human body at this time, the bone curve will be trapped, the spine will be lifted, and the muscles on the back and waist will be unnaturally tightened during hours of sleep. Tension. This is why many people feel the backache after waking up in the morning.

11.2 Jin Keer is the only certified mattress brand in ICA worldwide

American action star Schwarzenegger recommends Jin Keer ridge mattress

In order to make people sleep healthy and comfortable, Jin Keer has specially developed a healthy ridge mattress that can protect the spine. This series of mattresses can not only relieve stress, but also provide effective support for the body, so that the back spine can be significantly relieved. People get into deep sleep and help the health of the spine.

12.4 Expert Choice - A milestone in the development of ridge-type products jointly developed by Jin Keer and ICA Chiropractors

Expert Choice - Jin Keer and ICA Chiropractor jointly developed

Milestones for ridge-protecting products

The advent of Jin Keer's popular style, Tianci and earth, and the choice of experts have brought the gospel to the consumers. Only the mattresses for the ridge are good mattresses, and you want to have a healthy and high quality sleep. Please choose a gold mattress to protect your ridge.

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