Jingdong 3C talks to you about the double eleven with real data.

On November 12th, 2015, Jingdong Double 11 promoted perfect ending. During the period, Jingdong 3C category overall sales record is gratifying. From November 1st to November 24th, the total sales volume of Jingdong 3C category was 28,522,383 units. Among them, the total sales volume of Jingdong mobile phones reached 2,874,031 units, the total sales volume of computer office products reached 14,335,143 units, and the total sales volume of digital products reached 11,313,209 units.


The 3C category gathers many well-known brands around the world, bringing together thousands of high-quality products and igniting consumer enthusiasm with high-quality services. During the Jingdong Double 11 promotion period, Jingdong mobile phone, computer office, digital and other categories have achieved amazing results. With the continuous development in recent years, the image of the weather vane of Jingdong mobile communication market has once again become prominent. Jingdong mobile communication has become a battleground for well-known manufacturers. This year, the double 11 is even more raging, Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Meizu, The sales rankings of LeTV and other companies have risen alternately. In the end, Xiaomi, Huawei and Apple ranked the top three mobile phone sales. At the same time, Huawei and Xiaomi also created another miracle of domestic mobile phone sales. As a traditional advantage category, Jingdong computer office sales have also hit record highs. During the Double 11 period, the total sales of computers (laptops, desktops) reached 647,507, and the top three computer sales were won by Lenovo, Dell and Thinkpad, while Lenovo won the double sales champion and sales volume. The top three sales of traditional office equipment brands were won by HP, Deli and Epson. The digital category is also the same. The top three brands of hard disk products are Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba. As a popular category of digital products, the flat category also performed quite well. The total sales volume during the double 11 period was 309,585 units. Apple took the lead with absolute advantage. Two or three were won by Huawei glory and Xiaomi; Canon, Nikon and Sony highlighted The sales volume won the top three in the camera category.

In this process, JD.com not only gained the trust of its partners, but also gained the recognition of consumers. JD.com has become the platform of choice for consumers to purchase 3C products.

From the mobile phone sales report, the mobile phone market is more prosperous. At 12:00 noon on November 1st, the red rice note2, iPhone6s, music 1s, red rice A2, millet 4C, iPhone5s, charm blue 2, charm blue note2 Glory play 4X, glory 6 landing Jingdong mobile phone hot models TOP10 list. In the meantime, the new mobile phone brand with the fastest sales growth was won by LeTV, Qikuo and Hammer. Xiaomi, Huawei Glory, LeEco and Apple have successively won the single-day sales champion. During the double 11 period, the 499-799 yuan price segment mobile phone sales champion single item is red rice note2, 800-1199 yuan price segment mobile phone sales champion single item for music 1s, 1200-2299 yuan price segment mobile phone sales champion single product is glory 6plus won, 2300-3299 yuan price segment mobile phone sales champion is iPhone5s, more than 3300 yuan price segment mobile phone sales champion single product was won by the iPhone 6s.

Computer office products are also the main force of Jingdong 3C double 11 sales. At 12:00 noon on November 1st, the Jingdong keyboard plus mouse top eight brand list was released, Logitech, Lei Bai, Hyundai, Darwin, Shuangfeiyan, Razer, Dell, and newcomers were among them. Jingdong notebook sales exceeded 350,000 units, and Jingdong gaming notebook sales reached 63,272 units. The motherboard category successfully sold 24,411 pieces, while the top three products were sold by Asustek, Gigabyte and MSI; the graphics card category sold 22,268, Gigabyte, Asus and GALAXY ranked the top three; and the memory category sold 47,350. Kingston, Weigang and Zhiqi became the top three; the hard disk category sold a total of 152,363 pieces, Seagate, Western Digital and Samsung ranked third. As of 12:00 noon on November 1st, the U disk broke through 163,979 pieces. The top three were Kingston, SanDisk and Toshiba. Among them, Kingston won the championship with 78,918 sales.

Digital products also performed strongly. At 12:00 noon on November 1st, the total sales volume of Jingdong Headphones reached 1,099,116. Beats, Sennheiser, Sony, Tieshanjiao and AKG became the top five brands with the highest sales of Jingdong Double 11. Wearable devices are all the best in this year. The top five sales of smart bracelets are Xiaomi, Huawei glory, fitbit, music, and Aiwei. Apple, moto and Samsung rank among the top three sales of smart watches. The sales amount of children's watches has also reached new highs. Little genius, 360, Huawei glory, sugar cat and Aba-cho have become the top five. The traditional superior products are also good results. From November 1st to 11th, at noon, the total sales volume of Jingdong router exceeded 1,828,927. The sales of TOP5 brands were Pulian, Mercury, Xiaomi, Huawei and Xunjie.

In summary, the Jingdong Double 11 cool purchase 11 days has come to an end, but the sales record created has once again shocked the industry. According to iResearch data, the proportion of Jingdong 3C category in the industry has reached 59.2% in 2015. It is believed that the sales record created by this double 11 Jingdong 3C will further expand the industry leading edge. At the same time, the excellent record of the double 11 Jingdong 3C is also inseparable from the trust of consumers and partners. Jingdong will continue to uphold the promise of “buy 3C, believe in Jingdong” and continue to provide consumers with a perfect shopping experience and better service!

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