Knight Kerr stepless flashlight SRT5, want to adjust more bright on how bright!

Sometimes the flashlight has a very embarrassing problem. For example, some bright light flashlights can reach a maximum lumen of 1000 lumens, but after a while, the brightness will obviously drop. If it is transferred to the next gear, there will only be more than 300 lumens of lumens. The bit dropped too low and not bright enough.

The flashlight I recommend to you today can solve this problem perfectly. If you want to be brighter, it'll be brighter than the Natcol's SRT5.

With red and blue bi-color lighting/signal function, Air Tai's aluminum alloy is made of wear-resistant, military-grade three-level hardened surface treatment that meets the IPX-8 waterproof standard. Up to 750 lumens, flashing for help and other modes, all these parameters are available.

This flashlight is different from the previous, 0.1-750 lumens continuous brightness adjustment function, that is, from the smallest to the largest, which is the most appropriate to press which, this is still very convenient, there is no longer a problem with the transfer file, they control this design called Promise adjustment files!

This time is not very convenient, this flashlight 14cm, weight 76g without batteries, is still quite small.

It is not entirely without its drawbacks. Its disadvantage is that it is more expensive than other flashlights. Its small flagship pg12gt is only 448 yuan, with a maximum lumen flow of 1000, but SRT5 has a maximum flow of 750, and the price is 598 yuan.

But it's really easy to use, and it's fun! I have been playing for a long time, you are free~

Low Gravity Caster

Diameter of caster : 50MM

Width of caster : 50MM

Bearer : 350-400KG

Bearing : Double Ball Bearing Or Ball Bearing

Height of caster : 77MM

Turning radius :47MM

Polyhexylhexydamine, commonly known as nylon-66, is a thermoplastic resin, generally made from hexydic acid and hexaamine aggregation. Insoluble in general solvents, only indisluble in paracetamol and so on. The mechanical strength and hardness are very high, and the rigidity is very high. Can be used as engineering plastics, mechanical accessories such as gears, lubrication bearings, instead of non-ferrous metal materials for machine housing, automotive engine blades, etc., can also be used to make synthetic fibers

A type of thermoplastic resin containing acetamine-based (-CONH-) in the repeated structural unit of the molecular main chain. Often made into cylindrical pellets, polyamide molecular weight for plastic is generally 15,000 to 20,000. The common features of all kinds of polyamides are fire resistance, high tensile strength (up to 104kPa), wear resistance, good electrical insulation, heat resistance (thermal deformation temperature at 455kPa above 150 degrees C), melting point 150 to 250 degrees C, high fluidity of fused resin, relative density of 1.05 to 1.15 (adding fillers can be increased to 1.6), mostly non-toxic. However, when the monomer content in resin is too high, it is not appropriate to long-term contact with skin or food, which is often the case in countries in terms of food hygiene.

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