Lei Jun suggested to the National People's Congress: Speed ​​up the implementation of big data national strategy

At noon on March 6, Lei Jun, chairman of Jinshan and Xiaomi, and NPC deputies issued recommendations on accelerating the implementation of the big data national strategy during the two sessions. In his proposal, Lei Jun said that he will start from the aspects of talent training, law improvement, infrastructure construction, and industrial pilots, and formulate big data development plans at the national level.

The following is the full text of Lei Jun's "Proposals on Accelerating the Implementation of Big Data National Strategy":
NPC deputy: Lei Jun
There is no doubt about the importance of big data. At present, mainly local governments have issued some big data action plans or implementation plans, but there is no effective big data strategy at the national level. We urgently need to formulate big data development plans at the national level.
The government should study the development trend of big data, evaluate the revolutionary impact of big data on the operation of government, economy and society, and formulate development goals, development principles, key technologies, key tasks, action plans and The safeguard measures and other plans should be coordinated with the forces of various government departments, competent authorities of various industries, enterprises, institutions and individuals to make plans and common development, and play a cohesive effect.
I think that the big data national strategy should focus on issues such as data sovereignty, data innovation capabilities, key technologies, talents, data research, industry chain covering the entire industry, and legal environment support at the national level. Combined with China's reality, the following specific suggestions are proposed for China's big data strategy:
1. Emphasis on big data talent training, key technology and business model research
The government should fully understand the importance and strategic position of big data, actively deploy from the perspective of the entire country, and guide the comprehensive development of big data. Establish a big data talent training mechanism in national colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. The state funds or sets up special funds to support key technology research on big data.
Strengthen big data information security guarantee. Vigorously promote the industrialization, deployment and upgrading of safe and controllable big data key equipment, strengthen big data storage, disaster recovery, and emergency management service capabilities and mechanisms, and support data security technologies such as data encryption and decryption, data auditing, data destruction, and integrity verification R & D and application. Promote data source traceability and security protection during the data exchange process, support research and protection of data product intellectual property rights, and strengthen corporate and social awareness and responsibility for data security and intellectual property protection. Strengthen data sovereignty awareness, strictly protect data sovereignty, and firmly grasp the initiative to develop and utilize big data.
Encourage innovative subjects to actively use Internet thinking to promote information integration, knowledge sharing, law exploration and productivity improvement through big data and the Internet. Big data links cloud computing, Internet of Things, Internet and other information technologies to drive the transformation of traditional industries and achieve business model innovation.
2. Improve relevant regulations and promote government departments to take the lead in opening up big data
In the era of big data, personal privacy protection is the focus of users' attention, and it is necessary to prevent personal information from leaking. In terms of legislation, research and formulate laws and regulations on information disclosure and information protection.
Government departments and public institutions have a large amount of big data, which is not well utilized. They should be the first to encourage these departments to make them public and encourage social institutions to study and use them.
At the same time, big data companies should be encouraged to exchange data to achieve efficient use of information.
3. Attach importance to the construction of big data infrastructure
Promote the implementation of the "Broadband China" strategy, continue to support the construction of network infrastructure such as the next-generation Internet, fourth-generation mobile communications, public wireless networks, e-government networks, industry private networks and the Internet of Things, and plan and promote enterprises to build a number of cloud computing platforms And data center. According to the development needs, scientific planning and rational allocation of network resources such as network addresses and network bandwidth will promote the construction of public wireless networks. Encourage big data enterprises to participate in network infrastructure investment and telecommunications service operations, build cloud computing platforms, and research and promote enterprises to rent servers for big data services and wireless network operation support policies.
4. Start the pilot of the big data industry as soon as possible and establish a big data trading platform
Start the pilot of the big data industry as soon as possible, and establish a big data trading platform and a big data industry service platform with enterprises as the main body.
Zhongguancun already has a leading advantage in domestic big data: technological innovation leads the country, has a group of big data companies, big data applications and business model innovation are active, and a big data innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem has been initially formed. It is recommended to start the pilot in Zhongguancun to encourage the accelerated development of the big data industry.

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