Local gold is coming, skin care "gold" products are favored

Since the netizens ridiculed the big money in the game as “local tyrants”, following the phrase “local tyrants, we are friends”, I started to release a champagne gold iphone5 local gold version, and more recently the local red gold Toilet paper, let this symbolize the golden color of autumn and winter, has become a hot word. In fact, in the cosmetics industry, the enthusiasm of local gold has already quietly risen. Today, we came to see the “True Gold” skincare product, the Water True White series, which is brought together by Nishi Artisan with a rigorous whitening mechanism and high-tech refining technology.

Local characteristics, restore the skin is really white

Faced with the endless variety of products in the beauty and skin care market, as well as the “Ganghaojin”-like yellow-faced women, Nisse Artisan knows that to stand out among many products and occupy the commanding heights of high-end skin care brands, the primary core is to Improve product quality. Therefore, relying on technological advantages, Nivee Appreciation scientifically extracts natural plant ingredients such as precious ginseng, angelica, and jade bamboo, and uses ginseng to nourish energy and nourish the skin to deeply improve skin texture, and to restore the white color and radiance with the vital energy of angelica and promote circulation. With Yuzhu hydrating energy, hydrating and moisturizing to resist dull and dry, the product can be quickly absorbed by the skin, tightly lock the whitening essence energy, relieve the dark yellow, dark and sag of the skin, and promote the vitality of the skin. The field enhances the color and brings consumers a high-end product experience.

Flowing golden

Nivei Yazi water white series, the design inspiration of the packaging material is from the noble and elegant gold color, before the word "local gold" is far from hot, the international fashion T stage will vaguely rise to the golden tide, the annual autumn and winter season Gold is always an extraordinarily popular main color. Whether it is an exotic oriental gold embroidery or a modern sequined gold sequin style, it is also a sexy and fashionable golden eyelash, eyebrows and golden hair. Even the combination of metal texture shoes and bags with strong gold atmosphere reveals the love of fashion women for the long-lasting new colors of gold.

In fact, as early as in ancient times, gold has always been a unique color unique to the royal aristocracy, the so-called flow of gold and colorful, Yan Guanhuafang. Therefore, the NVI Artisan R&D team deeply grasps the fashion of women's fashion, and strives to create a water-white series that reflects the soft and beautiful white skin of Asian women and the high-end luxury taste.

Internal and external repairs, showing wisdom, technology, and efficacy in one

After understanding the needs of the majority of women for skin whitening and fashion pursuit, together with the international skin care research institute France Osleda Group, Nisse Artisan brought us the “local gold” in this skin care product. He also put forward the new whitening idea of ​​“water is the essence of the water, the beauty is based on the truth, and the white is the source of the cultivation”. It is determined to help all the beauty lovers to uncover the secret of hydrating skin, open multiple skin care mechanisms and dilute the traces of age. Keep the face of youth.

The water is white with a clear concept of white water, combined with the unique natural plant formula and seven-dimensional whitening technology, through the joint conditioning and nursed back to the "gas, color, water" trinity, in the skin of today's whitening field In the bottom of the adjustment of black technology, to explore the seven major problems affecting the skin color imbalance: pigmentation, yellowing, dullness, uneven skin tone, turbid skin, large pores. Water really obeys the whitening wisdom of internal adjustment, adopts step-by-step confrontation, and resolves skin problems layer by layer, so that whiteness and radiance are as harmonious as ever, and self-confidence blooms from within.

Since its launch, the “Water True White” series has been widely loved by female users, and consumers have been highly appraised after use. The industry’s vision for NVI's products is equally high. Reversing the skin and keeping the youth moving, what are you waiting for?

Solve skin problems, and be friends with local tyrants!

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