Maintenance of wooden furniture

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In order to maintain the beauty of the wooden home in the home, extend its service life, to ensure that it is not close to heat sources, such as radiators or fireplaces; should be wiped immediately when splashing; in dishes, potted plants, vases Use protective measures such as Coasters, placemats, and tablecloths. The following methods should be used when scratches, cracks and wax stains are always encountered during use:

Scratches and cracks

Although they can't be repaired, they can be camouflaged. Shoe polish, opaque wax, applied to the surface of woodwork to cover scratches and cracks. At the same time, this is also reversible: if you don't like it, you can remove them. Squeeze some similarly colored shoe polish on a soft cloth and wipe the surface to be treated with a soft cloth until the scratches disappear.

Clear wax stains

Use a credit card, plastic shovel, etc. to scrape the surface of the wax, clean the cloth. If some stains soft wax, plastic bags can be used a little ice, the stains on the wax, and other waxes scraping stains hardens by the above method.

Some wax stains a long time because the method is difficult to scrape with the above, there is a good method below. Covered with wax stains on the surface layers of towels, paper, cotton, etc., using iron low iron, melted wax stains will be absorbed towels.

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