Make-up plastic surgery: let you have a perfect small face and high nose

Surgical reshaping is the quickest cosmetic method to cover up the shortcomings. In fact, sometimes you don't have to think about things so complicated. As long as you learn " cosmetic plastic surgery ", your defects can be covered up wisely.


Soft face with white loose powder

The white highlights and loose powder with fine pearls are the first choice for making the skin fine and soft. Make the sorghum softer: If you think the cheekbones are too high and the cheeks are too thin, you can use the beige eyeshadow to brighten the lower eyelids to this area of ​​the smile muscles, with a very shallow pink blush brush around the laughing muscles. This triangle can visually reduce the "height difference" between the cheekbones and the cheeks.

Sponge pores disappeared instantly on the foundation

The pearlescent lotion can modify the sputum to the maximum extent: Apply a layer of lotion before the makeup to make the skin light naturally.

Use a sponge block to apply a proper amount of foundation: first apply a large area, follow the lines of the skin, and use the smaller surface of the sponge to help spread the corners of the eyes and the nose;

Kind of eyebrows are better than drawing brown eyebrows

Eyebrows are sparse or uneven, do not have to endure the pain of eyebrows, buy a box of eyebrow powder, these problems have been solved! Uneven eyebrows: The eyebrows have been repaired, or the two eyebrows are seriously asymmetrical. You can use eyebrow powder to repair the eyebrows: just correct the eyebrows properly. But one thing must be reminded - the color of the eyebrow powder must not be too deep, gray or brown will be more appropriate.

Lip peaks

If you think that red is the most dilating effect, then in the lip expansion, the silver and pink lip gloss will have a special effect. Partially painted pink: Apply a pink lip gloss to the middle of the lower lip and the middle of the upper lip. This will make your lips more spacious. This is the simplest lip method.

Let the nose rise straight with warm colors

In order to have a tall nose, it is absolutely wrong to apply a heavy color on both sides of the nose. Just apply a pearlescent base product to the bridge of the nose. Light bronze is applied to the nose near the bridge of the nose. There is no change in light and shadow, and through the more transparent color, in addition to making the nose more natural, it will make the makeup more light.

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