Makeup coup, round face change melon face!

A lot of girls, the absolute standard of the body, but the little meat on the face is nowhere to hide, the extreme of distress. The face is meaty and lovely, and always makes people feel energetic and hearty, but lacks a delicate beauty, but through makeup techniques , you can immediately create a beautiful and beautiful woman.

Makeup coup

First, the eyes with dark eyeshadow

The blue eyeshadow makes the whole face look slender and neat. The lower eyelids draw a strong color, which makes the eyes deep and eye-catching, and the face becomes slender and neat. Secondly, brushing the eye socket with a brown eye shadow is also a technique for creating eye shadows. In addition, draw a dark blue upper and lower eyeliner along the eyelids to emphasize the presence of the eye.

Dark eyeshadow on the eyes, deepen into the nose. Apply blush powder to the middle of the eyelids and apply a little heavier on both sides of the nose.

Second, the round face of women's blush tips

Round face, when painting blush, you should use a straight line to increase the slenderness of the face, blush the blush, use a large brush to blush, shake off the excess powder, and then Brush the cheekbones to the center of the face to avoid over-weighting.

When applying makeup, you can use a darker repairing cake (ie, blush) to dye in a long line, emphasizing the vertical line, lengthening the face, and concealing the round face too childish.

Due to the fullness of the cheeks and the skull, a slightly darker contour than the foundation can be used in the lower triangular region of the humerus and on both sides of the lower jaw, and the contour powder is also applied from the forehead to the side of the eyebrow.

Rouge can be applied from the humerus to the lower jaw. Note that it is not possible to simply apply a round shape to the humerus.

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