Mao Geping's "Hui Wei·Italian" makeup release

The media and fashion industry's long-awaited 2012 Mao Geping school teachers and students "Hui Wei · Yi Yi" makeup release, released on November 1, 2011 in China International Fashion Week Beijing 798 Art District grand release.

Mao Geping's "Hui Wei·Ie Yi" makeup release

2012 Mao Geping School teachers and students "Hui Wei · painting Italian" makeup makeup released China International Fashion Week held grand

As the most original force and art-inspired group of makeup artists in China, Mao Geping and his team of teachers and students use different artistic styles such as ink, goth, Venice, Egypt and Barbie from the perspective of make-up art, with unique creativity and ideas. Bringing together the essence of national art in China and the West to create a multicultural styling artifact in the oriental mood. Let the media and audience from all over the world appreciate the dazzling and shocking light and color feast brought by Mao Geping's superb make-up ideas.

Mao Geping's "Hui Wei·Ie Yi" makeup release

Gothic style

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