Netstal's PET preform system for users to achieve a beautiful ideal

With the increase of beverage production and the acceleration of packaging line speed, the market has also shown a great improvement in the requirements for injection molding and blowing systems for PET containers, and it is necessary to meet market demands in a cost-effective manner: The number of cavities reduces machining time through any existing machine platform. PET-LINE can meet the market demand very well. The basic PET-LINE system concept is based on a well-defined platform strategy. It can combine various mold and cavity cavities according to the two clamping forces of 3500kN and 6000kN. Make each system meet specific needs.

PET-LINE 192 - The largest PET preform system

The peak performance of PET-LINE is not only due to a large number of cavities and short processing cycles, it also has other advantages, such as: The compact structure of the system, leaving a deep impression. The joint design of the various components of the machine is tight, which is related to the superior performance and mechanical accessibility of the remote control device. The lowest energy consumption from the electronic drivers on both screws also promotes efficient production. The produced preforms are also impressive due to their appearance, dimensional accuracy and weight. From the two mold cavities in Figure 3, there is only a 0.03 g weight deviation in the 40 injection molding sequence. This is thanks to the closed-loop control of PET-LINE. The closed-loop control program has been set in the machine in advance and can be used at any time. We combined the intrusion technique (fixed speed screw rotation) with the melt pressure accumulator and carefully prepared the raw materials used to prevent over-shearing and over-heating of the material and to help reduce the acetaldehyde content. Compared with PET-LINE 144, PET-LINE 192N has a higher output level and even more stored energy. The required mounting footprint is essentially the same, as are the injection devices and motors used. With significantly higher output levels, maintenance costs and basic operating costs remain largely unchanged.

Simple processing of additives, mixtures and alternative raw materials

Thanks to the use of specially developed injection devices, the treatment of liquid additives has been greatly simplified, with little effect on the cycle time. However, if the traditional supply method is adopted, the feed portion will frequently appear in such a situation. During the solids transfer, additives are added first after the accumulation of pressure, so that the sliding of the material on the wall of the plasticizing device is greatly reduced or completely disappeared, so that the pressure can be stably accumulated. Like small systems, PET-LINE 192N is extremely suitable for handling PET and polyamide blends (for barrier layers) such as those used in beer bottles. Even with only 5% of the polyamide, the crystallized preforms and bottles are also the result of modified PET, which is mainly due to the continuous gentle plasticization of the injection device. Even without major changes to the system, alternative raw materials such as polylactide (PLA), polypropylene, and poly(naphthol) (PEN) can be easily handled.

Helping users achieve their ideals

Berkshire Bottling Works is a family-owned business located in the heart of the Northeastern United States. The ideal of David Weaver, founder and CEO of the company, is to establish the company as a contract manufacturer and become an advanced bottled water production and filling plant. The road to becoming an operating company is long and there can be no challenges. The three-year hard work plan has formulated clear and clear strategic tasks and established the world's most technologically advanced filling plant with one-stop service. As a contract manufacturer of non-carbonated water, Berkshire's focus is to produce packaging and provide filling services for internationally renowned brands. Of course, it must also strive to become the lowest cost producer while ensuring delivery on time and at extremely high quality.

Today, Berkshire Bottling Works is about to install the necessary systems for production to realize its ideals. Netstal's PET-LINE 192 production facility is dedicated to the production of two different PET water bottles and everything is ready for full operation in the 230,000-square-foot production facility in late autumn. Berkshire's ideal implementation requires a high level of expertise and smooth cooperation with all of its participating partners. Berkshire has always trusted Netstal's rich experience not only in its injection molding needs, but also in its factory layout and infrastructure. David Weaver, in praising Netstal, said: “Netstal has designed industry-leading production facilities on blank pages. We are not only convinced by the advanced technology provided by Netstal, but also trust Swiss machine manufacturers to fully support us from the planning stage. There is no doubt that we did choose the right partner Netstal. In fact, our trust in Netstal is far more than that, we even entrusted them with many design issues for the bottle." In addition to the production of 0.5 litres and 1 In addition to the system of two different preforms for gallons, Netstal's concept for Berkshire is to provide it with corresponding screw caps. Netstal's PET-LINE 192 has 192 cavities and over one billion bottles in annual production. It is the world's largest preform production system and is perfectly suited for operation in Berkshire Bottling Works. PET-LINE 72 is used to produce preforms for 1 gallon water bottles. It has the best productivity and excellent price/performance ratio. Of course, the system also includes the necessary material storage room and raw material delivery equipment, as well as drying and dehumidification equipment. For maximum efficiency, Netstal can also provide an innovative solution – connecting the injection molding system directly to the subsequent blow molding operation. The advantages of high productivity, excellent stability of the preform quality and low temperature at the preform exit enable the Netstal system to use a reliable and flexible preform processing system as an auxiliary device.

Reprinted from: Huayin Media

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