Network printing process flow

Online printing transforms printing requirements into a set of data information through on-line orders and file uploads. The printing manufacturers directly produce products by standardizing processes and standardizing products.

The printing plant can even directly connect the online order to the internal ERP system. From the printing, quality inspection, cutting, binding, packaging, distribution, etc., the corresponding bar code for each order number is compiled, and the infrared scanning of the computer is connected with each link. At last, I transferred to the distribution center, printed the delivery documents, and then waited for the courier company or the post office to pick up the items.

In this way, all products are transferred in the logistics system, reducing the intermediate links, simplifying and standardizing the operation process of the company, improving the operating efficiency, expanding the range of product sales and the types of value-added services, improving the cash flow rate of the company, and lowering the Printing plant operating costs...

This is undoubtedly a kind of transaction form that all printing factories and printing middlemen are very much aspire to.

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Back To School & Stationery

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