New materials make home decoration leaking advantages

Leakage of roofs, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens is common during spring and summer. Nowadays, the new anti-seepage and plugging technology has attracted people's attention: non-toxic and harmless, no pollution, especially for the leakage of water in kitchens and bathrooms. It is easy to operate, fast, anti-seepage and good in plugging. It is a breakthrough in waterproofing and plugging.

Compared with traditional waterproof methods, new technologies and new materials show four advantages:

No pretreatment required for any base

According to the traditional method, the requirements for waterproofing on the base surface are very strict. The roof and walls of the building must be removed from the old base. The tiled kitchen wall and the ground must be knocked out of the old tiles, cleaned, re-polished and dried. After that, it is very troublesome to lay waterproof materials. The most helpless thing is that sometimes the people in the downstairs leak water, and the property company has to go upstairs to the floor of the building. This kind of disturbance often causes the property company to encounter embarrassment.

The current technology and materials are very different. No matter what kind of material base, it can be directly waterproofed on it. It does not need to be treated in advance. Its waterproof coating can be waterproof and plugged on any basic material. . Especially the balcony of the building, the seal is not leaking, and the sun plate can be treated without strict leakage. The leaking water in the bathroom and kitchen does not need to be grounded. After finishing, it can be decorated or used normally.

Water-operated and open fire

The anti-seepage of the wall is very important. The old waterproof method needs to be dried before it can be waterproofed, and most of them use waterproof materials such as grease, asphalt, coil, etc. The most worrying thing is that the blowtorch, tar, etc. used also need open flame operation. Operational safety is poor.

The balcony frame and structure are not tightly sealed, and there are cracks that cause water leakage. It is also impossible to solve the traditional waterproof method. However, if the new polymer waterproof material is used to make the roof waterproof, the waterproof material and the affinity of the water make the waterproof effect unexpected, save time and labor, and save cost.

Fast operation time does not disturb people

The new technology and materials are simple and clean, and the operation time is short. Generally, it takes only 1~2 days. Small area plugging, you can proceed to the next step with the operation, which is simple and quick.

Good effect, long life, no pollution

The waterproof materials used in the traditional construction of the current construction are not only cumbersome, time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also have a bad smell and serious pollution. Used for roof surface waterproofing, the old waterproof material can not withstand the long-term exposure and high temperature of sunlight, easy to age, short life, generally not more than 2 years. The waterproof technology used in the new technology uses polymer cement and impermeability coating. After it is coated on the roof or the ground, it forms a film with high strength, good elasticity, strong UV resistance, water and alkali resistance, and can be waterproof at the same time. And decorative effects. The polymer cement and the anti-seepage coating have strong adhesion and good waterproof effect. If no external force is destroyed, it can be kept for a long time without leakage.

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