No ink or reasons for ink exhaust after printing a few pages

the reason:

1. If the ink cartridge is not installed properly or the cartridge is not returned to the sensor dome, it needs to be reinstalled or used to help reset the shrapnel;

2. The metal sheet in the print head is aging or loose and causes poor contact. It is recommended to send the repair station for maintenance;

3. If the ink cartridge is not replaced according to the prescribed procedure, the ink cartridge must be replaced according to the prescribed procedure.

4. If it still cannot be resolved, it is most likely that the printer's electronic memory is faulty. You need to delete the printer driver, reinstall the driver, and remove the cartridge again. Reinstall the cartridge as described above.

Meili cloud Color Paper products mainly Color Offset Paper, Color Copy Paper, business paper, color paper, pearlescent embossed original paper and other categories. The product stock is sufficient, the color system is complete, the product quality is stable, the supply continues.
Color offset paper, color Copy Paper : currently there are 27 colors: ivory white, eggshell yellow, beihuang, light yellow, light yellow 1, light yellow 2, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, orange red, light green, green, emerald green, parakeet green, green-10, dark green, pink, pink, pink, peach red, big red, coffee, light purple, purple, purple, violet, light blue, Lake orchid, precious blue; The production machine is 1760 mm paper machine, the weight range is: 70-150g; Main specifications: 787 * 1092mm, 850 * 1194mm, 889 * 1194mm, 846mm and 850mm. Special specifications and special color products can be provided to customers according to schedule. This kind of product is widely used in printing, advertising, trademark, propaganda, chronology and office consumables.

Commercial paste special paper mainly divided into general commercial paste special paper fluorescent commercial paste special paper.
General business paper has 18 colors, namely: ivory white, beige, light yellow, light green, light blue, pink, lemon yellow, pink, pink, peach red, emerald green, orange, Lake blue, big red, gold, purple, green, light yellow 1, light yellow 2; The production machine is 1760 mm paper machine, the weight is 75g, the main specification is 770 mm drum, also can provide the special regulation and the special color product to the customer according to our company arrangement plan. This kind of product is widely used in making notes, posters, notes and so on.

Fluorescent commercial paper is the special paper for commercial paper, which is divided into pink, pink, orange, yellow and green. The machine is 1760 mm paper machine with 75g weight and 4 specifications 620 mm, 770 mm, 775 mm and 927 mm. Mainly used for messages, memos, classifications, notes, tips, tags, indexes.

At present, there are 12 colors of pearlescent embossed paper: pink, purple, red, silver and white.
Milk white, platinum, light yellow, eggshell yellow, golden yellow, gold copper, black and coffee color, production machine for 1760mm long screen multi-cylinder paper machine, weight range of 95-115g; Specifications are 791 mm and 893mm rolls, which are mainly used for high-end printing and deep processing.

The Color Card paper is the company adopts the whole wood pulp, uses the pulp dyeing technology, in the pulp pulp pulping section to add the dye, makes the color evenly distributes in the pulp fiber, by the round net paper machine copied and made the special paper, the paper produces the paper has the characteristic of uniform dyeing, the tone downy and generous, the paper color bright, the positive and negative color difference is small, the tensile strength is good, very good, the side does not explode. Color card paper is mainly used to make printing, packaging, paper case, cover, card and so on. Production machine 1760mm circular machine, range 150-400g, commonly used specifications: 787 * 1092, 850 * 1194, 889 * 1194, tube 787 mm and 889 mm. Color mainly black, big red, Gentry blue, deep blue, Lake blue, coffee, light grey, gray, grass green, deep green, dark green, dark green, hot powder, light purple, purple, lemon yellow, Golden gold, orange red, cream yellow, light yellow, light powder, pink, light blue, light green, can also be produced according to customer's needs.

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