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[Chinese wardrobe network] 1, look

One must look at the thickness of the door panel. The thickness of the door panel is crucial for a wardrobe because the door is used most frequently in everyday life. The thickness of the door panel of the wardrobe in the market is generally 5% to 9%, and the thickness of the brand with good quality is 9% to 12%.

Second, you must look at the border of the door. The general brand door frame is made of ordinary aluminum alloy. The good brand is made of aviation aluminum that never rusts. It is firm and straight, and more wear-resistant.

Third, we must look at the lower rail of the door. The traditional wardrobe is a recessed track that is easy to hide and difficult to clean. The shape of the track is equipped with raised wheels, which limit the thickness and material of the board, and only use particle board.

The fourth thing to look at is the thickness and material of the cabinet board. The general brand wardrobe uses about 16% of particleboard. The good brand uses a high-density MDF of 18%. The surface is embossed with melamine and is not easily deformed. The material of the board is matt surface, hemp surface, and embossed surface. The middle and high grades are embossed surface, and the edge band is also the same.

In addition, the dustproof and insect proof of the wardrobe is also an important issue. Most of the wardrobes on the market only focus on the dust and collision on both sides of the left and right sides, ignoring the bottom is the most easy to enter the gray. Because there is a certain gap between the lower and lower rails of the wardrobe.

Then it depends on whether there is a national environmental protection certificate, such as a quality management system certification, a patent certificate, and so on.

2, smell

More important is smelling. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are not only concerned with the appearance of things, but have been paying more attention to health and environmental protection. One of the most important issues is whether the amount of formaldehyde released is up to standard.

Consumers should pay attention when purchasing, you can open the door and drawer to smell, if there is a strong irritating odor, most of the formaldehyde is too high, not suitable for purchase.

3, ask

It is to ask the professionals and sales personnel in this area about the wardrobe, and shop around to understand the wardrobe from multiple angles.

4, cut

Pay attention to the tightness of the closet and the handwork. Good quality brands have trademarks for edge banding or hardware accessories. When buying, try to open the door and drawer, push-pull mirror is flexible, and the quality of the brand is more light and smooth.

Then look at the handwork of the edge banding. A strong brand edge banding has the brand's trademark. The thickness of the edge band is 0.4 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm and 2 mm. A too thin edge banding has a poor hand feel, and a thick edge banding and a gap at the edge banding are large. In general, the optimum thickness of the edge band is 1.5 mm. At the same time, edge sealing glue is also a factor that affects the overall appearance of the wardrobe.

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