One-Shot Ice Cream Extrusion Box

In the past, independent packaging of soft ice cream could not be achieved. Recently, One-Shot Corporation has developed a smart, individually packaged ice cream extrusion box that ensures that retailers sell ice cream in accordance with the purchase quantity, thereby preventing waste and omitting cleaning steps.

One-Shot's ice cream extrusion box is used with the ice cream extruder. The ice cream extrusion box has obtained a patent license, including two specifications: 250ml large package and 160ml ordinary package. In Japan, One-Shot ice cream extrusion equipment is very popular, the number of sales has exceeded 40,000, and still The speed of 1,000 units/month has increased.

The ice cream extrusion box is designed with a unique star-shaped extrusion port. The protective film can be removed by affixing it to the extrusion port. The boxes can be stacked to facilitate the filling of dairy products on the standard line. The boxed ice cream can be stored at low temperature and frozen, and can be transported according to the standard of frozen foods. It is not easy to degenerate, and is safe and sanitary.

The One-Shot designer has encountered difficulties in selecting the material from which to squeeze the piston. It is very difficult to find a plastic that can withstand large squeezing forces at temperatures as low as minus 35°C. They finally decided to use two different degrees of polymerization of polyethylene material to make the extrusion box: The box wall is made of high-density polyethylene, which can make the extrusion box effectively protect the ice cream and make the processing of the star-shaped extrusion mouth easier. The lid of the box is made of low-density polyethylene, because this material has a certain degree of elasticity, and it can meet the requirements of reversal and extrusion on the material, so that the ice cream box will have no residue after being pressed.

The design of the star-shaped extrusion allows soft ice cream to no longer be limited to one taste – the size of the outlet is sufficient to allow nuts, chocolate chips and fruit to pass through, so manufacturers can add richer materials to the ice cream, using the One-Shot system , change the extrusion box can change the taste of ice cream. The device can also handle complex flavor juice ice cream and frozen yoghurt.

The One-Shot system includes an ice cream extruder (manual or electric) and a refrigerated cabinet that holds the ice cream extrusion box at the soft ice cream storage temperature. Extruders and refrigerated cabinets can be assembled in sets or separately. In case of separate installations, the extruder can be fixed to a wall or a cash register.

When the ice cream is extruded, the protective film on the extrusion port is torn off first, then the extrusion box is put into the extruder, the handle is gently turned (manual extruder) or the button is pressed (electric extruder), the extruder The piston in the extrusion pushes the lid of the extrusion box, extrudes the ice cream from the star port, and the remaining empty extrusion box is recycled.

The One-Shot system provides an ideal OEM platform for food distributors. The system cost is low, the operation is simple, the installation is convenient, the conventional power supply is used, and no power is consumed in standby.

Reprinted from: Huayin Media

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