Online shopping food remember to see the food packaging "QS" logo

Recently, the public Zhang Lei called the 12315 Consumer Rights Protection Hotline, reflecting the counterfeit "QS" sign in online shopping and consulting on how to identify the authenticity of "QS" when shopping online.

During shopping, many consumers will check whether there is a "QS" sign on the product packaging, but few people in online shopping can tell whether the "QS" sign is genuine or not. "QS" is the abbreviation of Pinyin for "Enterprise Food Production Licensing." Article 47 of the “Regulations on the Implementation of Quality and Safety Supervision and Administration of Food Production and Processing Enterprises (Trial)” Article 47 “Food that implements the food quality and safety market access system must be printed (posted) on its packaging or logo before leaving the factory. Signs. No QS mark shall not be sold from the factory."

Zhangqiu Consumer Association reminds consumers that although online shopping is fast and convenient, it must be carefully selected to distinguish between genuine and fake. Each product's "QS" logo has a unique series of 12-digit numbers that represent the region, company name, and product category. You can use the "QS" search network to enter 12-digit numbers for online shopping. The authenticity of the "QS" logo.

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