Ou Yifeng furniture sharing: how to not let the decoration regret

“From furniture to decoration, it is only a small change in the order, but it can make the style and taste well coordinated.” Li Sheng, the second decoration, said that his previous decoration style and furniture are not matched. After choosing the furniture and talking about the decoration, I found that the effect was very good. In fact, booking furniture has become popular among many decoration owners. Ou Yifeng Furniture http://oyf.cnjiaju.com/Share

It is a new trend in design to book your favorite furniture in advance to determine the style of home decoration and layout. In the past, the owners generally "design first", get the floor plan, find the right decoration company, the intention is to use the design pen to "destroy the magic", the design is generally very beautiful, the matching furniture from the various software search It adds a lot of moving charm to the small renderings. However, following this step, I found that the effect of the finished product does not match what I expected.
"So the design ideas have to change." Owners may wish to find the positioning from the furniture, including color, style, etc., on the basis of the overall design, so that in the future, after the complete accessories, the style is consistent and coordinated. For this reason, "European Wind" recommends that the owners take three steps -
Predetermine the style of the living room Before going through the decoration design, go to the major furniture cities and furniture stores, find the furniture you like, and find the right style through the furniture, so that you can have a very intuitive visual experience. If you have already booked a design company, you can also bring the designer to your favorite furniture store and let him experience it with you, so as to avoid understanding the differences caused by different communication methods.
Advance notice of the location of the furniture For many people who are first-time renovation, it is a bit difficult to predict what sockets and interfaces are needed in a certain place. However, if you know in advance the position of the wall, you need to put a TV cabinet, or a desk. The circuit design is easy to achieve reasonable and beautiful.
Ou Yifeng furniture http://oyf.cnjiaju.com/ share the experience of home improvement.

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