OUTER OUTSHINE outdoor hiking multi-function pocket 65 yuan

OUTSHIN is a research and development system composed of outdoor sports enthusiasts, bipolar geological exploration team members, senior designers, and ergonomic specialties. Through analysis, design, testing, and redesign, OUTSHIN finally creates the most special professional outdoors. Supplies.

OUTSHIN is based on clothing, shoes and bags. Tents, sleeping bags, mats and other supplements. The product is positioned in the popular fashion casual outdoor style. Althorn products are all configured according to the standards of international brands. They are distributed in the proportion of 50% of the garments, 30% of the shoes, 10% of the packs and 10% of the bags. OUTSHIN product development and design not only aimed at models, colors, body structure but also has professional outdoor functionality and ensured the comfort of each product. The demanding requirements create the professional quality of OTSHINE.

Widen the comfort belt, reduce the friction mesh of the waist during exercise, ensure the comfort and breathability when worn, and include a breathable groove in the middle to make the breath more thorough.

Small volume & large capacity, large upgrade of pocket capacity, can collect more things such as SLR, cups, etc. There are pockets on both sides of the storage space, placed in a kettle, etc., easy access, make your journey more comfortable. Outdoor multi-purpose pockets, three different types of back-style avatars, shoulder bags, shoulder bags, handbags convert freely, pockets carrying large volume, very suitable for outdoor travel to carry, and clear and easy to use is also very convenient, is traveling The best choice. The middle of the pocket is hollow and bears a breathable system. It can also be carried comfortably during the hot summer months. It is dry and comfortable during the exercise. In addition, the waist pockets are specially designed to accommodate the backpack belts and can be easily stored.

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