Packaging of goods (3)

Development of packaging

First, plastic packaging materials gradually replace traditional packaging materials

Since plastics entered the packaging field, they have developed rapidly with their excellent performance, rich source of raw materials, convenient processing, and low prices. They are plastic to substitute wood, plastic to metal and plastic to ceramic glass, and plastic substitute paper. tend. The per capita plastic packaging consumption in the United States, France, and the Netherlands has reached 11kg, and Belgium and Luxembourg have reached 17kg. In recent years, China's plastic packaging products have also developed rapidly. The annual output has reached about 300,000 tons, accounting for 1/5 of the total output of all plastic products. The source of raw materials is being further expanded, new varieties and new substrates are being added, and new types of resins are being sought. For example, BOPP-biaxially oriented polypropylene film called “Packaging Queen” maintains the advantages of low specific gravity, high transparency and gloss, resistance to moisture, heat, insulation, and non-toxicity, as well as a significant improvement in ordinary polypropylene. The physical and mechanical properties of the film, its tear strength can be increased 6-7 times, nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor double the ability to grow, temperature from -50 °C -110 °C. Due to its excellent performance, the international market is rapidly replacing cellophane, PE and PVC film, and its consumption is increasing rapidly. The United States consumes 80,000 tons in 78 years and will reach 200,000 tons in 85 years. China has built in Guangzhou and Foshan. Factory production. In China's packaging materials, plastics are now second only to paper, and the proportion has risen to the second place, and is still growing substantially.

Second, the development of packaging materials to composite materials with various comprehensive properties

The packaging must adapt to the characteristics of the goods and must meet the requirements for storage, transportation, sales, carrying and consumption. With the development of commodity production, the packaging industry must grow in tandem, and the performance and quality requirements are constantly increasing. For example, in the food industry, the development of convenience foods must be accompanied by good sealing, freezing-resistant and cooking-resistant packaging. The emergence of various co-extruded or laminated composites has been adapted to the packaging requirements for comprehensive performance. Paper/plastic, paper/aluminum/plastic, plastic/aluminum, and the characteristics of each monomer are superimposed on each other to make it have many excellent properties. Such as the use of kraft paper, yellow cardboard, vacuum aluminum coating multilayer coiling compound containers, made of bottles, can withstand more than 20kg, can hold food and beverages, cheaper than canned tin and stainless steel.

Constantly develop and promote new packaging processes

1, buffer packaging

The use of high-foam material and air cushion material, light weight, high pressure, no mildew, no moisture absorption, waterproof insulation, and product appearance closely. Due to its excellent shockproof performance, it is used for precision instruments and high-grade ceramic glass craftworks and other valuable products that are easily broken and easily damaged, and have a good protection effect.

2, blister packaging

In line with product appearance, it is beautiful, anti-deformation, anti-pollution, exquisite and transparent, allowing customers to see the products inside the package at a glance. It has been widely used in the packaging of pastry preserves, medicines, toys, handicrafts, and shirts and general merchandise.

3, vacuum packaging

Can make loose and soft goods, such as down and the like, greatly reducing the packaging volume, transportation costs can be reduced by 10-30%. It is reported that Japan also uses vacuum packaging for clothing, and it can be restored to its original shape within half a day after opening. In addition, vacuum can make the product avoid oxidation loss of more than l0%.

4, deoxy packaging

Due to the availability of high-efficiency deoxidizers, deoxygenation packaging has been rapidly promoted. Inorganic metal powder type and iron compound type deoxidizer developed in recent years, such as Agelese of Japan and F. of China. -O. R, good deoxidation, simple, non-toxic, reliable performance. Deoxygenated packaging protects the product from oxidation and inhibits the proliferation of aerobic bacteria, making food less prone to spoilage. Deoxygenated packaging is widely used in food preservation. For high-fat foods, it can greatly reduce the oxidation rate of oils. The storage period can reach more than six months, and the color, flavor and nutrient remain unchanged. It is particularly suitable for food packaging. For medicinal materials, clothing, etc., can prevent mildew and moth. In addition, it is also suitable for the packaging of precious and expensive components such as optical lenses, watch movements, large-scale integrated circuits, and artistic treasures.

5, shrink packaging

Use heat-shrinkable film (or heat shrinkable tape) to tightly fasten the product, instead of wooden box packaging, small size, light weight, saving wood, such as the use of automatic shrink packaging machine, ergonomics can be greatly improved, saving time and effort to save money It is particularly suitable for beer, canned goods, soft drinks, glass products, electric appliances and daily necessities with large flowability and large quantity. It is not only beautiful and convenient, but also can cause damage due to being able to firmly hold the goods without colliding with each other, and can seal dust and moisture. The packaging cost is reduced by 50% compared to the same amount of carton or wooden box.

6, the mechanization and automation of the packaging industry

Including the manufacture of packaging substrates and hollow containers; packaged packaging materials manufacturing and printing equipment; and powder, granular, gelatinous, liquid packaging and filling machines, sealing machines, strapping machines. Thanks to the realization of mechanization and automation, the quality of packaging is greatly improved, hygienic conditions are ensured, packaging losses are reduced, labor intensity is reduced, and packaging production efficiency is improved.

7. Formulate packaging technology laws and regulations, gradually improve the standardization of packaging, and achieve "advanced technology, economical rationality, safety and reliability."

Author / Ye Anxuan <Tianjin Second Light Technology> 1984 Supplement (No. 31)

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