Painted Tibetan cabinet

Tibetan furniture can be divided into three categories: boxes, cabinets and tables. Whether in the home of aristocrats or civilians, tables are the most common furniture used for eating, writing, storing tea sets and other things. Some of the lower tables are actually tables, which are used to store books and instruments. Some household items or cabinets are often hung on the wall, and most of the less common ones are stored in wool-woven bags rather than in boxes.

The Tibetans have almost no extra clothes, and they regard the extra clothes as cumbersome.

The cabinet is used to store ghee and cheese. This is why the Tibetan cabinet looks and feels hot. But the grease and soot of the butter lamps also form an effective protective layer. If you buy a Tibetan cabinet to go home, don't wash away this precious layer of protection.

Due to the simplicity of the tools, some of the Tibetan furniture are simply picked up with an axe, leaving a clear axe scar, but the rough feeling has a beautiful and simple beauty.

Tibetan furniture is unique and colorful in its decorative techniques. It generally includes: painting, jewellery inlay (salmon, coral stone, etc.), iron spiked edge banding, enveloping skirt and engraving, animal skin covering or inlaying. The decoration method that is the most different from the Han furniture and has the most national characteristics is the animal skin inlay. Tibetan brothers often use leopard skin or cowhide to make a square skin that covers 1/3 to 1/5 of the front of the cabinet. It is set on the surface of the crimson or black cabinet. It is simple and wild, but it is wild and unrestrained. Handmade furniture is now very rare. The traces that can be seen now are that, in the joint of the cockroaches, it is inlaid with animal skin or with the ribs of the animal as a rope and tightened for increased fastness. Some furniture manufacturers don't understand, they are all removed, it is very stupid.

The decorative patterns of Tibetan furniture are popular. The common ones are èž­ dragon pattern, ruin animal pattern, plant pattern, thunder cloud pattern, geometric pattern, etc. Most of the patterns are related to wealth and jewelry. In the depiction technique, it is rich in layers, colorful, and has a strong folk interest. Some of the designs are bold, imagery and modern.

In the old furniture store in Shanghai's Hongqiao area, there are several Tibetan cabinets depicting the image of Han Chinese. They have robes and wide sleeves, and they also wear cloth hoods. The landscape of the background is similar to the composition of Chinese paintings. Scatter perspective. The owner said that this may be the Tibetan cabinets from Qinghai and Gansu, which are the products of the blending of Chinese and Tibetan culture.

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