PE ICP operation guide

The safety of the operator is the first priority, please read the hardware reference manual (Hardware guide-Safety Practice) electricity, ultraviolet, high-pressure gas cylinders, chemicals and plasma moment exhaust will cause harm to the health of the operator, please follow the manual operating.

Stand up pouches is easy to carry, and if you add some bag functionality, it can become other pouch types. They are among the most popular and versatile flexible packaging formats available in today`s marketplace.  



Brand & Merchandise at a reduced cost.


Minimize cost of freight and warehousing.


Display product and Maximize shelf space


Use up to 75% less material than traditional packaging methods


Various features can also be incorporated into Stand up pouches, such as:


Window and clear display-panel designs, zipper, tear notches, hang holes, degassing valves.

Stand Up Pouch

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