PET bottle's comprehensive solution

At present, the rapid development of the beverage industry has driven the growing demand for PE in the packaging market, which greatly promotes the development of the 7 bottle blowing equipment. China's leading supplier of bottle blowing equipment, Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Tech-Long, adopts the most advanced international bottle technology to successfully develop 7 full-automatic rotary blowing machines to provide 7 advanced technologies for the production of PET bottles. s solution,

With the continuous improvement of consumers' personalized and differentiated demands for beverage packaging, the market prospects for PET bottles have become increasingly broad. PET bottle is transparent, light weight, beautiful appearance, good oxygen barrier, easy to carry, widely used in packaging all types of beverages, especially water, tea, fruit juices, milk drinks and functional beverages, as well as medicine, cosmetics and so on.

Tech-Long's fully automatic rotary blow moulding machine is a high-speed rotary blow moulding machine for the production of PET bottles. It has a high degree of automation, intelligence, stable and reliable machine performance, high production efficiency, low cost, and the product is not subject to intermediate production links. Pollution and other characteristics, and can be processed according to the size of the bottle, respectively, effectively ensure the quality of the finished PET bottles.

0.2 to 2.5L capacity PET bottle production process

Tech-Long's RJM14 fully automatic rotary blow moulding machine for Hong Kong Coca-Cola Company is suitable for production of PET bottles of 0.2-2.5 L in capacity. The technical solutions can be tailored to the specific requirements of the customers. The high-efficiency electromagnetic valve used in this equipment saves the consumption of compressed air and can accurately control the blow molding process; the multi-point monitoring design ensures the continuity of production, greatly reducing the paper reject rate; new mold sets, molds and heating The head design shortens the time for changing the mold. Table 1 shows the main technical parameters of the RJM14 fully automatic rotary blower.

1, technical characteristics

·Electronic control section

Adopt Siemens fully integrated automation solutions, including s7-300 series PLC, MicroMaster 440 standard inverter, Profibus high-speed field bus and TP270 high-performance color touch screen.

The PLC master station S7315-2DP in the whole system is used to control the heating of the preform, the upper embryo, and the bottle, and the PLC slave S7314C-2DP is used to control the blowing process (such as sealing, stretching, blowing, blowing, and maintaining). Press, etc.) The master and slave stations are linked via wireless Ethernet. The MicroMaster440 standard drive directly controls the main drive system and the transmission drive system. Through the field bus PROFIBUS-DP can link all drive systems to the PLC, complete the protection of the whole control and blowing process control, thus ensuring the high-speed operation of the machine. TP270 high-performance color touch screen has rich graphics and text display functions, and also has a wealth of fault diagnosis, fault tracking system and processing interface, which greatly facilitates the user's equipment maintenance.

·The embryo machine

The structure is simple and the scope of application is wide; the frequency converter can realize stepless speed regulation for sending embryos.

· Heater

The stable infrared heating system is divided into 8 heating zones. Each heating zone is controlled independently. The wind guide device overcomes air convection, which is conducive to stabilizing the heating environment and improving the heating efficiency. Air cooling and water cooling devices can avoid bottlenecks. Heated.

Rotary mold section

The unique Long-Ge blowing technology greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost while ensuring the product quality. The mold thermostat adjusts the mold temperature; the mold structure design and material selection go through Repeated optimization of the combination.

·Transmission section

The main motor is controlled by a frequency converter and can realize stepless speed regulation; the whole transmission has only one power source and good synchronization; the transmission system adopts synchronous belt transmission and has good synchronization; the transmission gear has excellent damping performance and wear resistance.


The manipulator adopts a cam linkage mechanism, which is simple in structure and has good synchronization and coordination.

2, production process

· Preform transport

The preforms are lifted from the embryo hoppers to the embryonic embryos, and the preforms are automatically arranged in order. The frequency converter can realize the stepless speed regulation of the embryos.

·Temperature heating

In the infrared heating zone, the ten infrared lamps can be independently temperature-controlled. The infrared thermometer in the system can automatically adjust the heating temperature of the preform. The preforms rotate during the heating process. The parameters can be displayed on the computer screen. And set to get the best temperature profile for the entire preform.

·Temperature feedback

Using thyristor-controlled infrared heating method, each infrared lamp can independently control the temperature, with the lamp broken alarm detection function; the air flow and bottleneck protection device in the heating area are carefully designed to obtain the ideal in the preform At the same time as the profile of the temperature curve, the bottleneck is not affected by the heating; the temperature sensor compares the temperature of the preform with a preset value and feeds it back into the warming zone, automatically adjusting the setting of the infrared if necessary; The temperature is displayed on the TP270 touch screen, making the operation intuitive and convenient.

· Preform placement

The heated preforms are picked up and placed in a blow mold.

·Rotary blowing

The cam mechanism can precisely control the opening and closing of the mold frame, and the simple and firm mold frame structure can make the replacement of the mold more convenient; the blowing parameters of each cavity can be conveniently controlled through the touch screen, and the fault diagnosis function is good; the mouthpiece is blown The special structure guarantees the reliability of the sealing under various blowing pressures, and the original blowing control method improves the passing rate of the product.

· Take out bottle

Remove the bottle from the mold using a robot.

Bottle inspection

In the bottle conveying process, the unqualified bottle can be automatically and accurately eliminated by the electronic detection system.

· Bottle delivery

After the blowing process, the robot automatically removes the bottle from the mold and subject it to quality inspection. The unformed bottle will be automatically removed and not conveyed to the conveyor belt, thus ensuring the continuity of production; the bottle can be taken from the conveyor belt. It is unloaded and stored in the bottlehouse. It can also be filled by filling.

2 to 5L large-capacity PET bottle production process

Tech-Long's RJM2 fully automatic rotary blow moulding machine is optimized for PET bottles with a production capacity of 2 to 5 L. The main features of the device are:

·Adopting advanced 2nd generation energy-saving blow-molding process, with extremely high productivity, with output between 1200 and 2000 bottles/h;

· Siemens PLC system can store 10 types of preforms;

· The imported automatic temperature control blowing system is equipped with an infrared automatic inspection bottle embryo temperature meter, which can automatically adjust the bottle embryo heating degree and the blowing bottle process;

The equipment is equipped with two sets of manipulators, and the cam mechanism is used to precisely control the process of taking the preform from the preform, taking the bottle and delivering the bottle, and opening and closing the mold to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of each movement process;

· Automatic pre-bottle auxiliary equipment adopts imported materials. The embryonic system with unique design and imported electric control originals can realize continuous embossing without card embryonic tube.

· The important parts of the electrical, pneumatic components, seals, bearings, and reducers of the whole machine are imported brand products from Europe, America and Japan, which can guarantee the reliability of the equipment and prolong its service life;

The whole machine has low energy consumption, simple operation, high degree of environmental protection, automation and intelligence, good visibility, maintainability and safety.

RIM7. Fully automatic rotary blow molding machines can be used to blow PET bottles, such as edible oils, beverages, confectionery, and chemical medicines. Shandong Luhua Group Co., Ltd. and Tech-Long have cooperated several times and used the RJM2 fully automatic rotary blower to produce edible oil containers with a capacity of 5L.

Reprinted from: Modern Plastics

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