Prevent eyelids from drooping eyes

Prevent eyelids from falling down
As people age, the body cells will slowly age, causing the eyelids to sag, causing trouble for the beauty women, and they want to keep the face of the past. So, how can we prevent the eyelids from drooping?
Prevent eyelids from relaxing. Tips: The eyes are wide and the eyes are turned up and down for three to five minutes. It is best to wake up every morning and before going to bed at night; use fresh milk to wash your eyes and make it bright.
1. Tea eye mask: 6 grams of tea and 60 mg of boiled water.
Take tea (black tea, green tea, green tea, flower tea, one of them) into the tea pot. Drain the boiling water (preferably about 80 degrees) into the tea pot and cover it with a simmer for 5 minutes. Use sterilized gauze to apply tea to the skin around the eye. Remove it after 20 minutes, once in the morning and evening.
Efficacy: dark circles, in addition to eye bags.
2, oil melon eye mask: sesame oil, 50 grams of cucumber 200 grams. Extract the fresh cucumber juice and transfer the sesame oil. Mix the juice with a sterile cotton ball, and then sleep on the eyelids and wash it off in the morning. Or use it alone, squeeze the cucumber juice, apply it to the eyelids before going to bed at night, wash it off in the morning.
Eye bags and facial skin aging relaxation and eyelid drooping. Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E and has anti-aging and relaxing effects. Cucumber juice contains propanol diacid, which can remove sebum and prevent fat from being stored under the skin. Cucumber juice also contains B vitamins, which can stretch wrinkles and prevent skin from loosening. Therefore, it can eliminate the edema around the eyes and the bags under the eyes.
Causes of eyelid drooping: The ptosis of the upper jaw can be divided into two categories: congenital and acquired.
First, the congenital ptosis is caused by the absence of diaphragmatic muscles or the development of oculomotor nuclei. It is born after birth, mostly bilateral, often with genetic factors. If the ptosis caused by the diaphragmatic defect is usually caused by simple ptosis, if it is caused by hypoplasia of the nucleus, there are often other eye abnormalities, such as internal ecdysis. Small splitting, strabismus, etc.
Second, acquired ptosis can be divided into the following categories according to their causes:
1. Oculomotor paralytic ptosis: caused by damage to the oculomotor nerve or nerve nucleus, usually unilateral, often accompanied by ocular dyskinesia, and sometimes diplopia.
2, sympathetic paralytic ptosis: part of the symptoms of sympathetic paralysis, more common in neck surgery, trauma and thyroid patients. It is characterized by mild drooping of the upper jaw, slightly higher position of the lower jaw, formation of small cleft palate, retraction of the eyeball, and reduction of the pupil, which constitutes Horner's syndrome.
3, myogenic ptosis: common in myasthenia gravis and progressive extraocular muscle paralysis, dysfunction caused by myasthenia gravis, the degree of aggravation with fatigue, light in the morning, increased fatigue at night, injection After the Xinsi's Ming, the symptoms improved significantly.
4, mechanical ptosis: due to the eyelids themselves, such as tumors, amyloidosis, severe trachoma, inflammation and edema, trauma, tissue proliferation (like skin disease). In addition to direct damage to the upper iliac crest, it also causes hypertrophy of the eyelid due to the lesion, resulting in mechanical drooping. There is also an unexplained ptosis, that is, senile myopathy, ptosis, caused by primary muscle atrophy, and bilateral, older women are more common.
To prevent and improve eyelid sagging, you must do the following:
1, should do more eyelid movements on weekdays
2, pay attention to daily eye care
3, do not use skin care products that stimulate the eye
4, you should always do eye exercises. The method of eye exercises is to make the eyes as big as possible, and the eyeballs to turn downwards, doing 5 minutes every night.
5, do a good job of eye cleaning.

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