Print marketing upgrade e-commerce is imperative

I often receive business calls from companies such as Baidu and Jiji. They just ask you to do e-commerce and become their members. Becoming their member has many benefits. The most attractive part is that there are endless businesses on the Internet. It seems that after cooperating with them, there will be many and many customers come to your door to make your business prosperous and the money source is rolling. Because the business is not easy to do today, the business is thin, and there are fewer and fewer old customers, so with the idea of ​​giving it a try, it tries to cooperate with companies such as Baidu. The result is not satisfactory, because the peers doing e-commerce are already so many, and once their company's advertisements are launched, they are drowned in the sea of ​​peers' advertising information.

Can't help but wonder about e-commerce, is the printing industry really promising? However, if you do not do e-commerce, what is the way out? In addition, there are many examples of successful peers on the Internet, how do they do it? All of a sudden, I was really in trouble. Unintentionally, I found a sentence on the Internet. If you missed the Internet in Shanghai Printing, you not only missed a business opportunity, but also missed an era. This is quite scary, and it's not unreasonable to think about it. With the rapid development of the IT industry today, the popularity of this computer and the popularity of the mobile Internet have changed people's lifestyles. Ten years ago, if someone said that a mobile phone could be used for video calling, it was whimsical, but now it has become a reality, and the world is changing too fast. The revolutionary development of the information industry, while changing people's lifestyles, is also changing the former business model. The old business rules were broken, and new Internet business models were established. It seems that our printing companies can only follow the trend, take the initiative to embrace e-commerce, and seek innovation and change. Otherwise, only the destiny eliminated.

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