Printed paper books enter the era of QR code

"Biking Tour Beijing" published by Light Industry Press is a book that prints two-dimensional codes earlier. The book uses dozens of QR codes, including video, animation, text, images, etc., to enhance the interaction between the book and the reader. Children's English learning point reading "JustForFun" also uses a large number of QR codes to link English video sites. Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing Group is about to launch the "Chinese National Culture Department". Each chapter in the book has a QR code. After scanning, readers can get more rich chapter introductions. In addition to books, QR codes are also popular in newspapers and magazines. The "Motion Zone" section of "Story" is based on QR code technology, which allows readers to get a new audition experience. Some traditional newspaper advertisements are also printed with a QR code. If the reader is interested in an advertisement, they can use the mobile phone to scan the code directly into the relevant webpage.

According to industry insiders, QR codes are an important means for publishers to integrate offline and online reading. Traditional books can only provide readers with a static reading mode, which is difficult to satisfy some readers who are accustomed to online reading. The use of QR code allows readers to access the Internet from the book and bring the reading experience. At the same time, the QR code can also bring convenience to offline purchases. For example, by scanning the QR code of some books, you can quickly get the different prices of this book on Amazon, Dangdang and other websites. Just by contrast, the reader can buy the book at a cheap price. In this regard, some publishers believe that the QR code will be a fast channel for traditional books to catch up with digital publishing high-speed trains.

Although the QR code can satisfy the reader's diverse reading needs, if it is used improperly, it will also cause readers to resent. For example, the use of a two-dimensional code for commercial purposes introduces a large number of advertising components in its links, thereby embedding advertisements in disguise. The QR code on some travel books has become a platform for advertising and promotion of scenic spots, ticket sales information, etc. Currently, such advertisements are not uncommon in books using QR codes. In this regard, some experts said that in addition to the traditional advertisements in newspapers and magazines, the implantation of such two-dimensional code advertisements in the book will not only damage the reader's text reading experience, but also attract readers' dislike, and will make the books more commercial. As a combination of tradition and network, the integration of books and QR codes is still in its infancy, and the benefits of this technology are gradually being accepted by readers. Therefore, publishers should continue to improve the function of QR code from the reader's reading experience. Improperly placing advertisements will only violate the original intention of the birth of this technology.

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