Problems to be Noted in Using UV Flexo Technology

The promotion and application of UV flexo printing technology in China is, on the one hand, a further understanding and understanding of UV flexo printing technology. On the other hand, it is necessary to improve and perfect the equipment, light source, supporting equipment, and process technology. The following is a comprehensive domestic and foreign information, talk about some problems in the application of UV flexo printing technology.

A, UV light source

UV flexo requires a UV light source for each color group. Different colors of UV flexographic inks have different ability to absorb purple lines, for example, yellow and magenta have low absorption and are easy to cure and dry, while blue and black absorb ultraviolet light and have strong ability to dry. The power of the UV lamp can be assigned according to different colors to ensure proper drying of various colors of UV ink, and it can also save energy.

Pay attention to the aging of the UV light source and replace the UV lamp in time to prevent incomplete curing and adhesion.

Second, the anilox roller

When UV flexo inks are used, the anilox roller preferably has a mesh angle of 30° or 60°.

Third, the rubber roller

The rubber roller must be resistant to UV ink. The rubber roller usually used is usually made of EPDM rubber (EPDM rubber) or silicone rubber.

Fourth, the plate

Although flexographic printing plates used can basically be used for UV flexo printing inks, it is better to use plates with better UV ink resistance, such as DuPont's UVP-67 opening plate.

Fifth, ink viscosity

UV flexo inks have a slightly higher viscosity than water-based inks or solvent-based flexo inks, and they have a wide range and can range from 200 to 500 cps.

Six, storage

UV flexo inks should be strictly protected from light and heat. Storage temperature should be controlled at 5 °C ~ 30 °C, storage shelf life is generally six months.

Seven, additives

There are three main types of auxiliaries commonly used in UV flexo inks:

1. UV reactive diluent;

2. UV curing accelerator;

3. UV ink cleaner.

Eighth, security protection: At present, there are two main precautions, one is the harm of UV radiation to the human body, and the other is the harm of UV ink to the human body.

UV flexo printing ink and its process technology are still continuously improving, new varieties and new equipment are emerging. All of these will promote more perfect UV flexo technology.

The installation of UV ink curing systems in foreign countries is increasing, and the existing flexographic printers are constantly being converted to UV ink curing systems. Replacing water-based inks and solvent-based inks with UV flexo inks has become a development trend, and has been widely applied to wide-width and narrow-width flexo printing machines. There is no doubt that the development prospect of UV flexo printing technology is very good.

The promotion and application of domestic UV flexo technology needs to be based on our national conditions and the needs of products, as well as the perfection of domestic equipment and equipment. With the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements and quality requirements, we believe that in the near future, domestic UV flexo technology There must also be a larger development.

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