Redwood furniture purchase needs to recognize the "four certificates"

The purchase of mahogany furniture needs to recognize that the "four certificates" are the basic conditions for furniture to be selected for mahogany furniture. How to purchase the first job is not deceived by the merchants. This is mainly reflected in the material composition and process quality of the products. The four cards are the basic measures to prevent being deceived.

1. Wood species identification certificate: The certificate must be issued by the national authority, such as the Chinese Academy of Forestry, a well-known forestry university. The certificate must have the Chinese name, Latin name and other contents of the wood.

2. Customs import customs declaration form of the People's Republic of China: China currently has no timber resources for mass production of mahogany furniture. Most of it relies on imports. If it is impossible to issue a timber import declaration, the furniture material is either smuggled into the country or is fake. . If smuggling enters the country, the grade, quality and quarantine of the wood cannot be guaranteed, and the quality of the corresponding furniture materials cannot be guaranteed.

3. Product quality inspection report: The inspection report must be issued by the local municipal or above furniture product quality supervision and inspection unit. As an important document of the company's product quality, the product quality inspection report is not only essential in the quality management process of the circulation field. Procedures are also an important basis for many consumers to determine the quality of their products.

4. Product specification: The manufacturer shall make a normative description of the product quality according to the national legal requirements. The specification shall be issued after consultation with the local municipal or above furniture product quality supervision and inspection unit. The implementation standards described in this specification: GB/T 18107-2000 "Redwood", GB/T 18513-2001 "China's main imported timber name", "Southeast Asia Tropical Wood", "African Tropical Wood", "The material" Latin American Tropical Wood monographs, etc. The process should be QB/T 2385-1998 (products produced before September 1, 2008), QB/T 2385-2008 (products produced after September 1, 2008). The above four certificates are indispensable, and the material or quality of their products should be seriously questioned.

In addition, some manufacturers with relatively strong brand strength and strong development and innovation capabilities have novel designs and designs, and hold the Product Design Patent Certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China.

Whistling Kettle


Whistling Kettle ,which is necessary for your kitchen and home. Perfect for enjoying the coffee ,tea or other drinking.

1: The kettle will whistle loudly when boiling,a good reminder feature for you .

2:Excellent quality non-slip handle ,give you a comfortable touch feel,and is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort .

3: Three kind of bottom for you to choose, single layer,triple layers and five layers. Multilayer bottom can heats up quickly and evenly. 

4:Whistling kettle can une on any stovetop, including induction heating, smooth glass top, gas and electric stoves.


Description of the whistling kettle


Body: SS201 or SS304

Handle: Stainless steel + silicone or Bakelite Handle

Lid: SS201 or SS304 + + silicone or Bakelite Handle


Single bottom - SS430

3 layer bottom - SS430+Aluminium+SS430 or SS304

5 layer bottom -  SS430+Aluminium+Iron+Aluminium+SS430 or SS304


whistling kettlewhistling kettlewhistling kettle


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Whistling Kettle

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